Professional Caregiver Job Skills

Working as a professional caregiver requires understanding how to maintain quality standards in delivering care while providing consistent behaviors.  If you are exploring becoming a professional caregiver, you may apply for a part-time or full-time caregiving position on (professional senior care companies subscribe to Caregiverlist’s hiring tools and hire new caregivers each week).

Completing your job duties as expected is part of behaving professionally, along with the following:

  • Following Plan of Care
  • Documenting Daily Activities
  • Reliable Schedule
  • Pleasant Attitude
  • Efficient Systems
  • Commitment to Following Directions
  • Productive Work Ethic
  • Friendly Enthusiasm
  • Dependability
  • Pleasant Cooperation When Confronted
  • Helpfulness


Professional caregivers will be trained to dress appropriately and follow all company policies and interact with senior clients with consistent kindness.


Understand that the major component of professional behavior is behaving with an even temperament, even when others may not.  Remember that communicating calmly is always the best approach if someone is behaving in a difficult manner.


Caregivers should also always perform their duties with a happy attitude, as this helps the senior client also feel more relaxed and accepting of caregiving.


Professional caregivers also coach and encourage senior clients and are mindful to be aware of changes in physical or emotional conditions of the client.  Respect and confidentiality are also part of professionalism.  By following the specific job duties, with a positive attitude, appropriate dress and caring personality, you will deliver professionalism to your senior clients every day.


Professional caregivers often have obtained formal training, such as through the 10-hour online Caregiver Certification training.  You may view the skills taught in the Caregiver Certification course and purchase the training to obtain certification for just $49 (and you will receive a t-shirt and lapel pin).


You may also want to explore becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant and research C.N.A. schools near you and apply for a caregiving job at a professional senior care company to gain experience.


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