AARP Insurance – What Are the Benefits of AARP Insurance?

AARP is a privately owned group found in the United States. It was originally called the American Association of Retired Persons but is now simply called AARP. It was begun in 1958, and its general purpose through the years has been to serve those who are over the age of fifty and to provide benefits to better the quality of life of seniors.

Two similar organizations are operated under the name of AARP: The first is called AARP Services which is a for-profit company. The second is AARP Foundation, which offers free services to seniors; these services include tax preparation, job training for individuals with a low income and many others. AARP Services is the more well-known of the two.

AARP Insurance Benefits Overview

Perhaps the most popular benefit is that of insurance. AARP insurance options include life, home, health, long term care and automobile insurance. These policies are serviced in cooperation with other proven agencies including The Hartford, Genworth Financial, New York Life and more. As a member, AARP insurance rates may be offered at lower premiums and expeditious service is guaranteed. Similarly, the company offers a Visa credit card through Chase with premium reward points and a complimentary consultation for financial planning through Charles Schwab.

AARP Insurance Benefits: Beyond the Waiting Room

AARP insurance benefits go beyond the doctor’s office. AARP insurance plan members are pleased to find that they receive discounts on many products and services such as membership at fitness centers and exercise equipment purchases. Dental plans, prescription medication discounts, hearing aid discounts and vision center discounts can be included in the AARP insurance plans as well. Once again, these discounts and benefits come through other insurers or medical groups as they team with AARP.

AARP Insurance is Just One Piece of the AARP Benefit Package

Finally, AARP offers a wealth of extraneous information to its members. It publishes AARP: The Magazine which is full of helpful, informative and entertaining articles designed especially for individuals over fifty years of age. They also publish AARP Bulletin and AARP VIVA. Digital versions of these publications are available online and can be downloaded by members. In addition to these, the AARP website also offers a host of information for living a fuller and more fun and energized life even while aging. Topics include food, travel, home and garden, relationships, health and more.

AARP has offered fabulous member services and benefits, as well as discounts to many popular retailors or other events for over fifty years. Membership is open to those over fifty years of age and more than pays for itself with multiple discounts, publications and lifestyle information. In these ways, AARP does exactly what it promises to do, which is to serve the older adult population and give them the best quality of life that is possible.

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    AARP life insurance plan, Developed by New York Life Insurance Company, the AARP life insurance plan holds a number of advantages your beneficiary, The prime reasons for having the AARP life insurance plan is to help pay funeral expenses, accumulated debt as well as covering the everyday living expenses until they can get back on their feet.

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