Activities for Elderly Adults

Keeping seniors active can be difficult, but there are many activities available for them to learn new things and have fun. Some of these activities can be done with little to no guidance, while some may require a hands-on approach. Try out some or all of these activities, because you never know what activities will be popular.

Computer and Internet Use
Technology is becoming a larger part of the world everyday, and allowing seniors to participate in that part of the world makes things much easier for them. Unfortunately, this may be a very difficult activity for some seniors to learn. But, if you remain patient and start with all the basics, then the payoffs will be great. This allows seniors to use software that can be fun and educational, and it allows them to easily look up information without scouring through hundreds of books.


Community Garden
Starting a community garden is a great idea. It allows all the seniors, along with their children and grandchildren, to work with the earth. All you need is a spare spot of land, some seeds and a few gardening tools. You can get seeds for flowers, or you can get fruit and vegetable seeds so the seniors can eat what they grow. Aside from being calming, having a community garden is very rewarding and it will make that particular area of land look more cheerful.

Aerobic Exercise
It’s no secret that light aerobic exercise is the key to either alleviating or entirely fixing arthritis and inflammation. Not only that, but aerobic exercises can be help increase longevity and the body will function much better. You don’t need to do anything too strenuous. Some light yoga and aqua-aerobics are great. You can also use resistance bands to help seniors gain and tone muscle.

Choral Groups
Starting a choral group can help lighten the spirits of some of the seniors, and it is a great way for some to learn their singing talent. Many senior choral groups actually go to other senior centers for less able seniors, or they participate in church gatherings.

You don’t need to travel to other countries or even other states to have a travel group. What are some of the tourist attractions in your local area? Most areas will have zoos, gardens, theaters and art galleries. Schedule weekly visits to one or two of these areas, and let the seniors really enjoy their surroundings. Not only that, but you will often find new and interesting areas that you probably never knew of.

Book Clubs
Reading is a great pastime that keeps the mind young and constantly active. Not only that, but books can help lead to long and in-depth conversations between everyone in the club. This can help seniors remember old memories, make new friends and think about things they never have before. Choose books that everyone likes and books that make people think, and you should have no problem getting this together.

Crossword Puzzles
Crossword puzzles have long been able to help people think by forcing them to remember trivia. Making your own crossword puzzle should be easy. It is normally best to make larger puzzles so elderly adults can better see them, but this depends entirely on the senior’s eyesight.

There are many senior centers that have knitting clubs. The best way to run a knitting club is to pick a certain garment of the day and ask the seniors to make it. For example, one day can be about making shirts or hats. This can even be used as a fundraiser idea. The seniors can make clothing, and the garments can be sold to bring in extra money.

Finding activities for seniors to do or participate in isn’t all that difficult. Just find fun group activities, or things that will help keep elderly adults moving around and active. Just make sure to respect the senior’s limits and don’t do anything too strenuous or difficult for them to achieve. Otherwise, just find something fun and start doing it. Try one of the above activities, or make up your own. All of these are able to keep seniors active, healthy and happy while they live out their golden years.

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