Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) Definition

Activities of daily living are regular things we do to keep ourselves healthy on a day-to-day basis. These may include bathing, brushing our teeth or dentures, dressing ourselves, working throughout the home, and other daily activities. Other examples are exercising, using the bathroom, and walking with or without the use of an ambulation device such as a walker or wheel chair. These activities participated with in the home and in the community. Some people participate in activities independently and some require help from professionals such as Physical or Occupational Therapists, nurses, and volunteers.

There are two types of Activities for Daily Living. Basic ADL’s are providing personal self-care such as grooming, feeding yourself, and dressing yourself. They include instrumental ADL’s, which provide care in telephone communication, managing money, and taking medications. It is important for seniors to be independent for these Activities of Daily Living. However not every elderly person is able to complete all these tasks alone.

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