Aging in Place Definition

Aging in place is a term that applies to seniors who want to stay in their homes as they grow older. Seniors have many reasons for wanting to live in their home until necessity forces them to seek other housing options. They may have paid off the mortgage or have deep attachments to their furnishings, and enjoy their neighborhood. Some seniors prize their independence and feel living in a demographically mixed environment keeps them younger.

Government agencies that work with an older population also find that aging in place is a viable option for seniors, providing them with in-home health care when ordered by a doctor. Most counties and some cities provide senior centers to promote socialization and entertainment opportunities for the aging. Local jurisdictions may also contract with or offer low-cost transportation for those who do not drive, which can increase the amount of time seniors live independently in their own homes. Programs like Meals on Wheels also prolong a senior’s ability to live independently.

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