American Red Cross ARC1003 Deluxe Roadside Kit: Review

The American Red Cross has produced a roadside kit that should be kept in every vehicle on the road to assist during an emergency situation. The American Red Cross ARC1003 Deluxe Roadside Kit contains everything needed to stay safe during an emergency on the road. It is all contained in a canvas case with zipper and handle that is easy to lift and carry. The case dimensions are approximately 10 inches by 8 inches by 14 inches and the kit only weights about 1 pound.

Easy Start Battery Charger

A car battery drains when lights are left on. The car will not start and, in most cases, a set of battery cables and another vehicle is necessary to jump start the dead car. The charger allows for recharging a battery enough to get the vehicle going without the aid of another vehicle. Read the manual as to the volt setting, amp setting and how to clamp the charger to the battery and follow the directions to start the car. A battery charger is essential when travelling in out of the way areas where other people may be apprehensive about giving a jump start. This allows for self-sufficiency on the road.

Crank Flashlight

Another item in the kit is a crank flashlight. A crank flashlight will always be ready to shine on the situation because it has no battery to go dead. Instead, there is a hand crank on the light that is turned to generate power to the light bulbs. In most cases, cranking the flashlight for 30 seconds will allow for 5 minutes of light. The flashlight comes in handy for finding the kit and reading the safety manual when it is dark outside. It provides light any time it is needed.

Multi Tool Emergency Hammer

Most people would wonder why a hammer would be included in a roadside emergency kit, but is a very important tool to keep the occupants of the car safe. The hammer is made of light-weight, bright colored plastic. At one end is a blunt metal point and at the other, a sharp blade protected by a hook so that hands do not get cut. In an accident, it might be necessary to get out of the car quickly and the seat belts may not come undone easily. The sharp end will cut through that seatbelt and allow for swift evacuation of the car. If a car is in an accident where it rolls into a lake or river, all the electrical components will go out and not work including the windows. Doors will not open when the car is submerged in water, yet water will start to fill the car as it sinks to the bottom of the waterway. The hammer is used to safely break the window so the driver and riders can get out through the broken glass. It is probably a good thing to keep this hammer within easy reach of the driver instead of storing it in the kit where there may not be access during an emergency.

Other Emergency Items and Features
The kit also contains an auto safety guide that details almost every emergency situation and how to deal with it. The reflective triangle will alert other drivers on the road that there is an emergency so they can avoid it. A reflective, brightly colored safety vest is also included in the kit to keep the driver safe when outside of the vehicle dealing with the emergency. The kit contains a tire gauge to check pressure in the tires, some heavy duty gloves to protect the hands and an ice scraper. Place the plastic emergency – help – call police sign on the antennae of the car to bring notice and help when needed or use the 16-piece bandage pack to protect injuries.

The items in the American Red Cross ARC1003 Deluxe Roadside Kit have the potential of saving lives and keeping occupants safe while on the road. It is easy to use and contains all the tools needed to stay safe and happy.