Assisted Living Today’s Weekly Roundup

Sunburst in snowy Spruce Forest, Ice cold Morning

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Only nine states in the continental U.S. are without snow and for many in the northern states, white is the predominant color outside our windows. Do you tend to pick up your books, tablet or remote control more often in the winter and snuggle into the couch?

Here at Assisted Living Today, (perhaps from the comfort of the couch) we’ve combed the web for relevant news headlines, tips and trends to share them here with you. If you’ve come across any interesting news in the past week, feel free to share!

Weird But True

A 99 year-old-woman recently found something that was lost to her more than 50 years ago. She and her son identified a bicycle that went missing, recently found swallowed up by a tree trunk, nearly 5 feet off the ground. What’s amazing is that the wheel still turns! Read more on

Senior Lifestyles

“At every age we think we’re having the last laugh, and at every age, we’re wrong,” says Harvard psychologist Daniel T. Gilbert. New research shows that people of all ages tend to underestimate how much they will change in the future, an illusion that persists from the teenage years well into retirement. The New York Times explains Why You Won’t Be the Person You Expect to Be.

Senior Health

Gene mutations are often the deciding factor in not only who gets Alzheimer’s, but when a person shows signs of the disease. Typically a person begins to show symptoms around age 65, but early onset of the disease can begin in a person as young as 30. This early onset always runs in families, according to an article on Dementia Today. Brush up on the latest in Alzheimer’s genetic research.

Senior Living

Will the fiscal cliff deal spell bad news for diabetes patients on Medicare? Legislation in the new fiscal cliff deal, some are saying, will change the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ competitive bidding program, making mail order prices on diabetes testing equipment equal to pharmacy prices. Read more on MedCity News.

Maybe a new question to put on your list when you’re searching for assisted living should be, “is there gender diversity on the company’s corporate board?” Reported in Senior Housing News, results of a 2012 report on gender diversity acknowledged that companies with women on their boards were more likely to have clear policies to avoid corrupt business dealings, have strong partnerships with local communities and have high levels of disclosure and transparency.

Trends in Technology

The handy little device in most people’s grasp these days, including seniors, is enabling more than phone calls. Apps developed for the iPhone and android help seniors manage wellness, find entertainment and connect in emergencies. Read Best Mobile Apps for Seniors 2012 on The Senior List.