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Halloween isn’t just for kids! A Halloween superstore in Winston-Salem, NC, notes the number of customers in their 60s and 70s this year buying costume supplies. Popular themes include hippie clothes, accessories and other nostalgic items. Do you have a costume picked out for the big day?

Assisted Living Today watches the trends and topics that matter to older adults and caregivers. We hope you find something of interest or just enjoy, and please tell us about any interesting news you’ve heard or read this week!

Weird but True

Do you believe there’s a place where people never die? Ok, that’s extreme, but the New York Times magazine excerpts a piece from National Geographic writer Dan Buettner about places where people live the longest. Read Stamatis Moraitis’s amazing story, and consider relocating!

Senior Lifestyles

Ever heard of the “boomerang” child? Baby boomers are increasingly making room for their adult children in their lives, and in their houses. Do you have a grown child living at home with you? A recent report in Realty Biz News describes the trend of both boomerang children and aging parents moving in with baby boomer parents.

Senior Health

The recent outbreak of spinal meningitis has many people on edge. Those who have received a spinal shot within the last six weeks could be at larger risk and should be monitored, even if no symptoms present, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Read more on the NY Times well blog.

Senior Living

Check your Assisted Living facility for low-impact yoga classes for seniors, they do exist! A recent article in the Huffington Post connects yoga practice with easing insomnia, a problem that seems to grow in an adult as he or she grows older.

Trends in Technology

Move over dogs, robots could be our next best friend. iRobot co-founder, Rodney Brooks, said this week that “a natural next frontier for Rethink’s human-like robot Baxter would be in care for the elderly.” Will you have a Rethink’s robot bustling around your kitchen soon? Mass High Tech tells more.

MedGaget interviews BeClose president Liddy Manson about her company’s products, including sensors for beds, chairs, doors and toilets, as well as general motion detectors and “panic pendants” for emergency situations. A way for caregivers and elderly patients to “be closer.”


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