Choosing the Best Senior Care Center: 10 Questions to Ask

Making the decision to transition from your home to an assisted living facility can be difficult. There will surely be questions and concerns when trying to decide on the right senior care facilities for you. Knowledge is power! Figuring out the right questions to ask when visiting your potential new home can help you make the best choice. You will want the move into a senior care center to be as easy and stress free as possible for you and your family.

What are the standard assisted living services provided?

Find out exactly what living at a senior care center will consist of. Things like housekeeping and laundry services are typically available, as well as access to health and medical services. Inquire as to what a typical staff member is available to help with if needed and what senior care service can be provided if asked for.

Does this senior care facility feel comfortable?

Does the center feel homey and warm? Are you able to personalize your own space? Look around at other residents of the home, do they seem happy and comfortable? Observe if the staff seems friendly and accommodating.

Is the facility in compliance with state regulations and licenses?

Ask if everything is up to code and if there has been a recent inspection. It would also be helpful to check with the Better Business Bureau for complaints that have been filed, if any.

What’s the cost?

Find out all living costs for the billing cycle. It would also be a good idea to know how and when the facility bills. Check to see if insurance is accepted and if so, make the necessary calls to the insurance company.

Are there additional costs for extra activities or outings?

You will want to know if, besides the monthly cost, there will be any additional costs for extra activities. Knowing this up-front will prevent problems and surprise costs when the monthly bill comes in.

Are hobbies and activities that you are interested in offered?

Keeping the mind active is always a benefit. Finding an assisted living facility with activities, hobbies and groups that you enjoy will make your new home enjoyable and comfortable, all while making new friends.

How’s the food?

It may seem like an afterthought, but the menu will part of your everyday life. Find out the quality and variety of the menu. Will there be alternatives to the scheduled meals and will all dietary restrictions be accommodated?

Can you make calls, have visitors, and go on outings?

Find out what the rules for phone calls and visitations are. Knowing which facility’s rules best accommodate you will make choosing a new home much easier. Also inquire about outings with family and what the rules are regarding those.

How are non-emergency medical concerns addressed?

You will want to know how concerns, such as medications and check-ups, are addressed. Ask how medications are given out daily. Find out if you will continue to see your current physician or if there is a physician on staff who will take over your routine appointments.

What are the procedures for an emergency?

Should an emergency arise, the last thing you or your family would want to wonder is what happens now? Go over what the emergency procedures are when you speak with a representative from the facility. Ask questions about the standard procedures regarding fires and also medical emergencies. You will want to make sure family will be contacted immediately should there be an emergency.

Life in an assisted living facility is an undeniable adjustment. This can feel stressful in the beginning. But asking the right questions will hopefully calm your fears and anxiety and make the transition much easier.

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