Care Allowance Plan Definition

A home care allowance plan is an amount of funding that an elderly person can use for home care services. The funds are used to pay the person who provided the health care. This benefit is offered by the county the person lives in. He or she would need to fill out an application either online or at the county office. If the individual is suffering from a disorder that restricts him or her to the home, it may be necessary for that person to receive home health care. The amount of the benefit depends on the person’s income.

Home care allowance covers things such as daily bathing, dressing, and transferring from one room to the other. The allowance can also cover transport if the patient needs to be taken out to run errands. Another thing that an HCA will cover is money management assistance. Some elderly people may need help managing their funds. They may need someone to come in and help them develop effective budgeting strategies and so forth. The HCA will cover such services.

The sooner the applicant applies for the HCA, the better. Processing can take up to 90 days. Approval for benefits depends on the severity of the disorder and the patient’s income.

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