Top 10 Assisted Living Facilities in Skokie

Skokie, Illinois has everything you need. From big city fun nearby, and quaint charm as well, there is an amazing balance right here in the Skokie area. The following 10 facilities are the top ten in the Skokie area in no particular order. None of the facilities are directly in Skokie, but they are the top 10 as close to it as possible. Read below, gain some interest in a few of your favorites, and give us a call when you want to learn more. We’re here to help!

Lincolnwood Place

Lincolnwood, IL 60712

Lincolnwood Place believes in treating you the way you want to be treated, with care. With nursing staff available at a moment’s notice, they are prepared to cater to your health care needs. That’s not it though. You can expect a plethora of opportunity to engage yourself in activities, and social fun. As the closest assisted living facility to Skokie, on this list, you have almost immediate access to an amazing city. Call Assisted Living Today for more information, this just might be the place for you. 

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Alden Estates of Evanston

Evanston, IL 60201

Alden Estates of Evanston is particularly interesting. With a seasoned health care staff available to treat you in any way you need, whether physical or emotional, you can expect your entire self to be well cared for. The facility also has hospice available on-site, so if in the event it is your time, you can spend your final days at your home. With a delicious dining menu, and an uncharacteristically happy staff, expect your heart to be warmed every time you walk in the front door. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Alden Estates of Evanston may be right for you.

North Shore Hotel

Evanston, IL 60201

At North Shore Hotel, you have a place you can truly call home. With your home located within an historic building, you are sure to find old-time charm right here. With easy access to Skokie, and Evanston, you will have plenty of activities to keep you busy all the time. Not your typical hotel, North Shore Hotel truly makes you feel at home. That’s what we all want, right? 

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North Grove Manor

Morton Grove, IL 60053

North Grove Manor, located in the beautiful city of Morton Grove has just about everything you need, right at home. There’s assisted living of course, but also hospice and respite care. The health care staff are well trained, and the ancillary staff are too. Everyone here wants to see you succeed in happiness during your golden years. We can’t forget to mention the outstanding menu options here too, come find out for yourself. Be sure to contact Assisted Living Today for more information, and to be put in touch with the right person to help you. 

Click here to contact us now to see if North Grove Manor may be right for you.

Norwood Crossing

Chicago, IL 60631

Norwood Crossing is a nonprofit facility, located in the Northwest side of Chicago. Norwood Crossing seems to have exactly what they need to care for your every concern. In other words, they know the health care you need, they’re aware of your dining needs, and they know how to keep you comfortable. How did they gain all this wisdom? From people like you. They listen to what you need, and they try to deliver. Expect special treatment here at Norwood Crossing. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Norwood Crossing may be right for you.

Belmont Village of Glenview

Glenview, IL 60025

Whether your care needs are light, medium or heavy, Belmont Village of Glenview knows how to take care of you. As one of the 10 best facilities in the Skokie area, they take caregiving seriously. With nurses on staff, and a doctor or dentist in when you need them, you’ll never go without. Those are just a few of the provider disciplines available to you.

The facility also has a great activity lineup. In other words, these are activities that you don’t want to skip, because you know you’ll be missing out on something special. With an activities team who knows your likes, most activities will be suited to your tastes. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Belmont Village of Glenview may be right for you.

Bethany Retirement Community

Chicago, IL 60640

Bethany Retirement Community prides itself on providing you a safe and secure homelike environment. Not just “homelike” … home. Located in Chicago and close to everything you could imagine of ever needing, you’ll have plenty to do. This is not a facility that is too busy either. You might think, “it’s in Chicago, in a busy neighborhood” but the truth is, the neighborhood is quaint, and as you step in the doors, you’ll feel at peace. As Bethany Retirement Community knows you should. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Bethany Retirement Community may be right for you.

Sunrise of Park Ridge

Park Ridge, IL 60068

Sunrise of Park Ridge is a part of the major Sunrise corporation. The company has many assisted living facilities within the country, so they’ve had enough time to get it right. You’re never a number at a Sunrise facility. It may be easy to think “big corporation, less care.” The truth is, they know in order to succeed as a company, they need to answer every call. Sunrise facilities are historically good, and the trend is going upward. Your needs will never be lost here. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Sunrise of Park Ridge may be right for you.

Autumn Green Wright Campus

Chicago, IL 60634

Autumn Green Wright Campus appeals to many people because of its beauty. The facilities are clean and newer than most. The living environment is more of an apartment-style rather than an assisted living. That is of course, if the apartment had quality professional health care and ancillary staff on hand at all times. Autumn Green Wright Campus is the place to live for anyone. Be sure to give us a call and ask for more information, as it’s important to get your home before someone else does. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Autumn Green Wright Campus may be right for you.

The Hallmark in Chicago

Chicago, IL 60657

With outstanding views of the Chicago skyline, and Lake Michigan as well, your need for a nice view is totally met here. With housekeeping, a quality health care team, and even the opportunity to bring your cat or dog, you know this is just a sampling of the many more things the Hallmark offers. In other words, you have activities, free transportation if you need it, to where you need to go, and so on. You must check out the Hallmark in more depth, we think you may find it in your top three, of this top 10 list. 

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The Skokie/Chicago Area can be Your Home

Consider one of these top 10 facilities in the area, and give us a call. Our number is everywhere on the website, we promise to lead you to the top 1 facility for you.

Top 10 Assisted Living Facilities in Portland

Portland, Oregon is one of those places that you’ve always wanted to live, but maybe didn’t know it. Portland is a populated city, but, everywhere you go you’ll find, you’re in a close-knit community. Everyone knows your name, or at least seemingly. If you don’t mind some rain, or even if you like it, this may be a good place for you. Regardless of the rain, the city is beautiful, comforting, and close to other major areas like Seattle.

Don’t forget, if you like to read, Powell’s Books is in town. This is one of the most famous, and interesting used book stores worldwide. Even if you’re not a big reader, with this catalyst, you may start. Once you’ve decided Portland is where you want to be, start considering your next home. Below you will find 10 of the best facilities in Portland, in no particular order. Read on for some interesting information.

Terwilliger Plaza

Portland, OR 97201

Terwilliger Plaza offers and urban environment. That should not take away from the fact that this urban area remains peaceful, and comfortable. You will find a wide range of services here such as nursing, a podiatrist, speech therapy, the list goes on. There are plenty of activities to keep you occupied, and enjoying your time. Be sure to take-in the marvelous views of the City of Roses from your bedroom window! 

Click here to contact us now to see if Terwilliger Plaza may be right for you.

Hawthorn Gardens Senior Living Community

Portland, OR 97214

One of the highest rated facilities in the state, you are sure to find happiness here. Amenities are plenty, and cleanliness is obvious. There’s a resident parking area, beautiful outdoor common areas, easy access to devotional services of your choice, and you can bring your cat or dog!

These are only a few benefits to living at Hawthorn Gardens, take a look for yourself or contact us today, for assistance. Don’t forget, there’s an expert nursing staff on hand for your medical needs. Take a look at Hawthorn Gardens, you’ll be happy you did. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Hawthorn Gardens Senior Living Community may be right for you.

Laurelhurst Village

Portland, OR 97214

Care for you is at the center of Laurelhurst’s philosophy. You will receive expert medical and nursing care, should you have any need. It’s not only the medical care that is top-notch. From the housekeepers, to the dining room servers, to the administration, you will realize that your needs are what means most to everyone here. Laurelhurst is very affordable too. There’s no catch to that. Yes, you can live in a wonderful place and still afford the payments. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Laurelhurst Village may be right for you.

Sellwood Landing Assisted Living

Portland, OR 97202

Sellwood Landing is yet another facility that had to be included on this list. With a wide range of amenities, and expert care at your side, you can feel happy and safe here. If you have Alzheimer’s or are developing it, not to worry! We realize it’s traumatic for you, and so does Sellwood Landing. That’s why you will find remarkable, supportive care here.

For the gentlemen. Do you need a haircut or shave, but you’re used to going to the barber? Well, there’s one on staff. Ladies, fancy a day of getting your hair done? Well, Sellwood Landing has you covered. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Sellwood Landing Assisted Living may be right for you.

Hillside Residence

Portland, OR 97210

Hillside Residence has a reputation for excellence within Portland, and throughout the state of Oregon. If you have minimal need for care, this is the place for you. But wait. If you have heavy care needs, this is the place for you as well! Hillside Residence doesn’t shy-away from a challenge. Expect what you need at this outstanding facility.

Click here to contact us now to see if Hillside Residence may be right for you.

Markham House

Portland, OR 97219

Do you enjoy a good meal? Who doesn’t right? Well, you’ll have a wide-range of food choices here, all cooked to your liking. Aside from food, if your main concern is health care, Markham House is ready and available to help you for as long as you need. With expert health care staff on hand, your medical needs will be covered.

There are plenty of other amenities, but particular attention should be payed to their activities department. You can expect to be quite pleased with the range and depth of offerings. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Markham House may be right for you.

Oswego Springs Assisted Living

Portland, OR 97219

From wonderful amenities, to health care excellence, Oswego Springs stands out. Be sure to contact Assisted Living Today, so we can direct you to the best people to speak with at the facility. You can expect all your questions answered, so you can make a good decision. Oswego Springs has made the top 10 list because of their unprecedented quality, so be sure not to pass up exploring here as an option. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Oswego Springs Assisted Living may be right for you.

West Hills Village & Rehab

Portland, OR 97219

With nurses on staff, a doctor on call, physical, occupational and speech therapies, your medical needs are well covered here. There are plenty of activities to choose from here as well. With an activities staff that is a cut above the rest (so to speak), if you like to be occupied, and enjoy your time (who doesn’t), then check out this facility for sure. West Hills Village & Rehab has the amenities you need, at a cost you and your family can afford. 

Click here to contact us now to see if West Hills Village & Rehab may be right for you.

Calaroga Terrace

Dining at Calaroga Terrace, senior living in Portland, Oregon.

Portland, OR 97232

Do you like to live in tall buildings? This is a 17-story high-rise, offering superb views, excellent security, and an urban lifestyle you will enjoy. There’s plenty of parking, and for those of you who don’t drive, you have plenty of access to their free transportations services. The facility allows cats and dogs as well. There’s a wonderful, ever-changing dinner menu, and beautician services on-site. Give us a call, or email us for the many more specificities that make this facility a top 10. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Calaroga Terrace may be right for you.

Raleigh Hills Assisted Living

Portland, OR 97225

Raleigh Hills is dedicated to your privacy, safety, health, and confidentiality. They know each of those means so much to you. So, you can expect your needs to be met. There’s an on-site expert medical staff, the facility is spotless (because they know you like to live in style), and plenty of fun activities to choose from. Give Assisted Living Today a call, and maybe realize that this is the best facility for you. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Raleigh Hills Assisted Living may be right for you.

To Portland, or Not to Portland?

After some further research, we’re confident that this is a place you would really be happy at. With personal experience living in this city, it can be said, firsthand, it’s one of the best places in America. With a wide-range of equipped facilities to choose from, you are sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Top 10 Assisted Living Facilities in Nevada

Nevada is a low-tax paradise with no tax on income, social security or retirement exemptions so naturally, it becomes a haven for retirees with limited means. There are no taxes on estate or inheritance either. This state is also a boon for those looking for arid, dry and sunny climates and of course, a bit of gambling on the side. The cost of living is slightly lower than the US average, and settlements are few and far between since most of the state is covered in desolate wilderness – there’s the Mojave Desert in the south and the Great Basin in the North. That said, it is one of the fastest growing states in the US and retirees have been moving in cities like Reno, Henderson, Carson City and Gardnerville. If Nevada sounds just perfect for you to retire in, here the top ten assisted living facilities in it, in random order.

Merrill Gardens

2910 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy
Henderson, Nevada 89052

Merrill Gardens is a beautiful campus with meandering walking trails, lawn games, and activities and even a chance at private gardening. There are plenty floor plans and kitchen facilities for residents to choose from, depending on their needs and personal choice. A dedicated and caring 24X7 staff – Merrill Gardens lets its seniors and their families decide as to what kind of care it is they need. So residents are free to live as independently as they like; or ask for as much help as they require. Facilities include a computer room, a fitness area, beauty salon as well as plenty of arranged for tours and socials for residents to live a full and happy life in their silver years, in the beautiful peace of Henderson.

Click here to contact us now to see if Merrill Gardens may be right for you.

Morning Star Senior Living

2360 Wingfield Hills Rd
Sparks, Nevada 89436

Morning Star at Sparks offers 128 bright suites for independent living, 80 for assisted living and the Reflections Neighborhood offers 32 secure suites for individualized, specialized care of those with memory impairment caused by Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. The décor is tasteful and yet practical to navigate, and there are plenty of dining choices for the residents including private dining for intimate meals, a bistro and a dining room with restaurant-style served meals. Facilities include a theater with Wii, a billiards game room, library, salon, and a spa bath as well as raised garden beds for ease of gardening. Various wellness and fitness programs, as well as social activities, keep the resident physically, mentally and emotionally satisfied.

Click here to contact us now to see if Morning Star at Sparks may be right for you.

The Cascades of the Sierra

275 Neighborhood Way,
Spanish Springs, Nevada 89441

With a beautiful name, The Cascades of the Sierra offers breathtaking views of the Sierra foothills and a healthy lifestyle for those in their silver years wanting to live healthy and happy. Free weekly manicures, an indoor pool, an arts-and-craft studio, plenty of outings and socials including wine and cheese tastings, ice cream socials and lunches outside twice a month make life at the Cascades one big happy adventure. This assisted living facility also offers plenty educational and enrichment opportunities for residents to enjoy life in their silver years – be it learning a language, or maybe even a computer class or even take part in more outdoorsy activities such as skiing, hiking or biking.

Click here to contact us now to see if The Cascades of the Sierra may be right for you.

The Lodge Assisted Living and Memory Care Community

2200 E Long St,
Carson City, Nevada 89706

The Lodge Assisted Living and Memory Care Community is a Five Star Senior Living property, that offers assisted living services support for those in their silver years seniors who can no longer live on their own safely yet also do not require complex, round-the-clock medical care. The caring staff makes sure that the resident receives full privacy and dignity, and offers them friendly assistance with the activities of daily living, such as personal care, transportation, and medication reminders – depending on how much is needed. The Lodge also offers Lifestyle360, a holistic wellness program that makes sure that the residents get intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual care to make sure that they thrive, no matter their age or fitness.

Click here to contact us now to see if The Lodge may be right for you.

Brookdale Northwest

5165 Summit Ridge Ct,
Reno, Nevada 89523

Tucked away in a secluded and serene location that is conveniently close to the highway as well as many hospitals, restaurants, banks, and departmental stores – the Brookdale Northwest is a beautiful place for retirees and seniors to spend their silver years in. With tailor made plans to suit both those who require assisted living and those who need memory care, the staff at Brookdale works tirelessly to ensure that all its residents live in comfort since they discuss all likes and dislikes with all future residents and their families. Living at Brookdale is like re-living your glory days – where you can sit together with your “gang” in the cafeteria or living room, play card games, board games, tell stories, share secrets and simply talk for hours. As they describe it, it’s like living with a family of friends!

Click here to contact us now to see if Brookdale Northwest may be right for you.

Prestige Senior Living at Mira Loma

2520 Wigwam Pkwy,
Henderson, Nevada 89074

A lovely two-story building, Prestige Senior Living at Mira Loma is nestled in Henderson teeming with lush, green paths and courtyards to spend time with nature. Close to the very famous Las Vegas Strip, Lake Mead as well as Red Rock Canyon, Prestige offers spacious studio, one or two-bedroom apartments that are filled with the warmth of the Nevada sun. Close to local shopping areas, recreational activities, and with myriad activities and life-enrichment programming – the staff at Prestige make sure that the residents never run out of recreational and educational opportunities, or simple wholesome fun. A wellness program called Celebrations is in place, so designed for seniors to live life to the fullest with an on-site activity bus to escort residents to medical appointments, special shopping or personal errands.

Click here to contact us now to see if Prestige Senior Living at Mira Loma may be right for you.

Lakeview Terrace of Boulder City

180 Ville Dr,
Boulder City, Nevada 89005

With the glitzy glamor of Las Vegas just a hop, skip and a jump away, Lakeview Terrace of Boulder City is a beautifully located assisted living community, surrounded by the natural beauty of Lake Mead and the grandeur of the mountains. The community is pet-friendly and comes with all utilities, including free telephone, wireless internet, and cable. The Live Well Wellness program makes sure that the seniors at Lakeview get balance fitness, cognitive fitness, nutrition, and regular wellness evaluations so that their silver years are as problem-free as possible. With an onsite salon, private mailboxes as well as scheduled transportation including for road trips and excursions and the Life Enrichment program that includes lifelong learning, entertainers, spiritual enrichment as well as a fantastic gathering of life stories – Lakeview can be the perfect home for your silver years.

Click here to contact us now to see if Lakeview Terrace of Boulder City may be right for you.

The Bridge at Paradise Valley

2205 East Harmon Avenue,
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

If you combine the luxury of retirement living with the comfort of your home, and pepper it with the spicy glamor of Las Vegas – you get The Bridge at Paradise Valley. Resort-style services and amenities coupled with caring and a dedicated staff make sure that all the residents live independently but get all the care that they need and so rightfully deserve. They also work closely with Life Care Center of South Las Vegas, and offer a continuum-of-care campus that includes assisted living, skilled nursing and rehabilitation services all in one location which basically means that once you decide to make The Bridge your home, you never need to leave the campus even if your medical conditions or health needs change.

Click here to contact us now to see if The Bridge at Paradise Valley may be right for you.

Willow Creek at Buffalo

3351 N Buffalo Dr,
Las Vegas, Nevada 89129

Willow Creek Memory Care at Buffalo offers many choices in independent living, assisted living, memory care (including Alzheimer’s and dementia care), respite care, and even senior day care. Founded in 1997, Willow Creek is family owned and operated and has all that people in their silver years would need to live their lives with dignity and grace. Activity lounges and sitting areas encourage socialization and creativity while enclosed courtyards encourage the resident to garden and simply enjoy the fresh air. An open, airy, and home-like residence, spacious decorated companion suites and secured environment and exits for safety. Other amenities include health monitoring and coordination with the physician, medication management, safety checks as well as activities such as aromatherapy, art therapy, and any engaging excursions.

Click here to contact us now to see if Willow Creek at Buffalo may be right for you.

Heritage Springs

8720 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89147

A resort-styled senior living community in sunny Las Vegas with the view of glowing casinos from many apartments, Heritage Springs is where residents look forward to every day – living their lives with dignity, happiness, and a forward-looking spirit. The Red Rock Mountains are nearby for the nature lovers but so is the Las Vegas Speedway for those with a need for speed. You can travel around the area or use the endless socializing opportunities that Heritage Springs provided like exercise, games, watching a movie, or simply relaxing. Amenities include three restaurant-style meals plus snacks, weekly housekeeping service, an exercise room and beauty salon as well as self-controlled heating and air conditioning…

Click here to contact us now to see if Heritage Springs may be right for you.



Top 10 Assisted Living Facilities in Naples

Florida is full of beauty that often goes unnoticed due to distractions usually reported on the news. As it is, Florida has become one of the most popular living destination reported by Forbes magazine for not only seniors, but also younger people. There are many activities one can experience in the picturesque and active state, as well as build a career and life. In other words, you may be considering a move to Florida, or within the state, but due to the states diversity in people and fun, it’s highly possible that this could be a destination for the entire family and extended family. The health care in the state is excellent, and boasts some world renown hospitals and care organizations.

Florida, and Naples need to be seen to be believed. Living in an assisted living facility in Naples offers you the opportunity to not only relax during your retirement, but also to thrive in that retirement. It may be time to consider a move to Florida, and most people you speak to who live there will corroborate sentiments discussed here. Now let’s look at 10 of the top assisted living facilities within 75 miles of the Naples area (in no particular order), and start thinking seriously, how happy you want your future to be.

Lely Palms of Naples

Naples, FL 34113

What should be said of Lely Palms is its focus on your active lifestyle. With respect to your innate desires to live life fully, Lely Palms offers the antidote to boredom. Activities are plentiful, socialization is always available, and it’s a clean, comfortable facility to boot. With respect to your health, you can expect an environment of caring and compassion here. With experienced staff members and professionals who want to see you thrive in health, you can plan on a great quality of life. Of the few facilities available in Naples, Lely Palms is a clear standout. Click the link above to learn more and contact Assisted Living Today for personal and professional guidance. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Lely Palms may be right for you.

Homewood Residence at Naples

Naples, FL 34102

Brookdale facilities like this have some attractive signature programs. Brookdale is unique in that it truly caters to the whole person regardless of his needs. If your biggest medical problem relates to poor breathing, for instance, Brookdale would never shy away from caring for your mental health needs. The medical approach is to view you as a complete, special person. When you contact Assisted Living Today, be sure to ask about Brookdale’s signature services directly, including: Optimum Life, Brookdale Celebrates, and Brain Fit. You are likely to be impressed.  

Click here to contact us now to see if Homewood Residence at Naples may be right for you.

Orchid Terrace Moorings Park

Naples, FL 34105

Moorings Park has a tagline that reads “simply the best.” It’s quite possible they are high on lists of bests (not including this one). With all the amenities of most quality assisted living facilities, Moorings Park does great in treating memory care issues. Everyone becomes forgetful (for the most part), and your needs are cared for whatever you remember or whatever you don’t. Not only is good memory care important for the forgetful, obviously, a strong health care team that can help with effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s is important. Moorings Part does not fall short to that challenge. They meet it and even beat it in whichever ways possible. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Orchid Terrace Moorings Park may be right for you.

Carlisle at Naples

Naples, FL 34109

The Carlisle at Naples is such a beautiful facility. For those who need luxury alongside health care, you are in serious luck right here. This facility needs to be seen to be believed. When you contact Assisted Living Today, be sure to ask about the aesthetic appeal of this facility. The representative will give you the information you need to make the decision to live here or not. Personally, after much review, it’s clear that this facility as an option will be at the very top of your list (or very close to the top). 

Click here to contact us now to see if Carlisle at Naples may be right for you.

Merrill Gardens at Naples

Naples, FL 34109

Merrill Gardens has a fun tagline and that is “enjoy more.” As a family-owned facility that provides high-quality health care, alongside a great ability to meet your personal needs, again, here is a facility worth thinking seriously about. You are not viewed as at the end of your life, you are viewed as you should be here; a person with needs and wishes to have a high quality of life. Be sure to ask about the dining options, as that alone is possibly enough to get you to say “yes!” 

Click here to contact us now to see if Merrill Gardens may be right for you.

Emeritus at Bonita Springs

Bonita Springs, FL 34134

As an affordable facility with a focus on your total well-being, Emeritus at Bonita Springs is sure to impress. Here you can find the amenities you desire, the cleanliness you expect, and a strong clinical staff to meet your unique health care needs. Bonita Springs is beautiful in and of itself, so the location alone is worth seriously considering this facility for. With a library and an anytime café, for instance, as a couple of the amenities, go right ahead and get that hot tea and biscuit, grab a classic by Twain, and enjoy a peaceful nighttime read before you rest your head for the evening. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Emeritus at Bonita Springs may be right for you.

Sterling House of Lehigh Acres

Lehigh Acres, FL 33936

As a Brookdale facility, you will have access to the unmatched signature programs they offer as described in the “Homewood Residence” above. How you can contrast this facility with that is location (among other things that can be discussed with our representatives). If you like the allure of Naples, consider Homewood, if you’re drawn to the comfort of Lehigh Acres, consider the Sterling House. Regardless of your choice, you should expect high-quality health care, alongside unique amenities. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Sterling House may be right for you.

Barkley Place

Ft. Myers, FL 33907

Barkley Place claims “Sunny, Florida style living” here, and it surely is. With unique furnishings and art, this facility is likely to appeal to the “almost-islander” in all of us. Amenities are plenty, staff is professional and skilled, and don’t forget the pool table. Of course, there is much more to this facility, but only so much space here. Call an Assisted Living Today representative by clicking the link above to discover for yourself, more about this high-quality facility. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Barkley Place may be right for you.

Emeritus at Fort Myers

Ft. Myers, FL 33907

Perhaps you are a Red Sox fan? If so, remember the club’s spring training program is right here in the city of Ft. Myers. With all the high-quality amenities, great health care provision, and orderliness of any Emeritus facility, your decision here may come down to location. Your needs can and will be met by the Emeritus facility of your choice, but the Ft. Myers facility is particularly of note due to its less-busy outside environment. Contact Assisted Living Today for more specific information about this facility. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Emeritus at Ft. Myers may be right for you.

Emeritus at the Lakes

Ft. Myers, FL 33907

Emeritus at the Lakes may be an excellent choice, again, if you require an established, reputable organization here in Florida. Amenities provided here are likely to meet your needs, and you will have a lot of fun with the planned activities. Don’t pass up this facility if you wish to be completely satisfied. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Emeritus at the Lakes may be right for you.

So, do you belong in the Naples area?

Our belief is that so many of us “belong” here, it’s just a matter of first finding that out. Florida’s reputation hides behind a shroud of sometimes uncomfortable uncertainty. With personal experience of the state, I’m confident you may find it as one of the best (as I do).

Top 10 Assisted Living Facilities in Fairfield

Whether you enjoy time away from people, or time with people, you choose how you fulfill your needs. If you want a more secluded living environment, those options are here, and should you desire to live among a quaint community with shops, and dinner options, those too are listed here. Here are the top 10 assisted living facilities in the Fairfield area (in no particular order), all within 25 miles of the city. Find what you need here, or which facility sparks your interest most, and give us a call today so we can help you make things happen!

The Watermark at 3030 Park

Bridgeport, CT 06604

What is interesting about this facility is its clear focus on choices. Your choices. They understand that just because you live in an assisted living facility, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t direct your life. Your menu is your menu, what do you want? You got it. If you want to participate in brain, and fitness activities, you choose which ones, and even if you want to do them at all. Your independence is honored. With a 20,000-sq. ft. wellness center on hand, around the clock nursing staff, and activities that delight, you are sure to be pleased with your new home.

Click here to contact us now to see if The Watermark at 3030 Park may be right for you.

Middlebrook Farms at Trumbull

Trumbull, CT 06611

Trumbull is a peaceful, and relatively secluded town. If your aim is for a residency that is free from unnecessary distraction, perhaps consider this option. You can feel secure, and comfortable here, all while having health care when you need it. Enjoy a quiet day in the library, take a walk along the beautiful walking paths, just enjoy your life. You are very close to Fairfield, and the city life, should you choose to take an excursion to the excitement.

Click here to contact us now to see if Middlebrook Farms at Trumbull may be right for you.

Spring Meadows -Trumbull

Trumbull, CT 06611

Spring Meadows is aware that your independence matters to you. They also realize that when you need health care, you need it. That’s why the staff is attentive, and on point, caring for your health care needs. Amenities are many, offering you activities, a dynamic dinner menu, and other outstanding benefits. Also, located near the 200-acre recreation area of Tashua Knolls, you have easy access to a swimming pool, lighted tennis courts and golf. This is what you need when you like to be active. All the golf you need, on a state of the art course, right outside your doorstep.

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Atria Stratford

Stratford, CT 06614

Do you love movies? Catch a flick in the on-site theater. Do you love to read? Spend a peaceful afternoon reading in the quiet library. Perhaps you are a shopper? There are plenty of local shops just around the corner. Live your life, but reside at Atria Stratford. Your independence, and your needs are placed in the forefront. With excellent health care, outstanding facilities and a centralized location – you are sure to be comfortable here.

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Brookdale Place of Wilton

Wilton, CT 06897

Brookdale is known for its memory care units, they care for you when you may have become a little forgetful. They also have living spaces that are not dedicated to memory care, providing you with the independent living space you need to thrive. With the opportunity to participate in as many activities as you wish, you will have plenty to do. Or you can spend a quiet day in the library, or get some coffee and just let the anxieties of life, melt.

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The Greens at Cannondale and Wilton Meadows

Wilton, CT 06897

The Greens is located among lush outdoors beauty. If you enjoy nature, you can look out your window, experience it with your eyes, or take a trip among the trees, and enjoy a walk. With many different housing styles to choose from, from studio to two-bedrooms, you are likely to find something that fits nicely within your budget. There are lots of activities to choose from as well. Here at the Greens, you will live among the natural beauty of New England, and find some peace.

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Carriage Green at Milford

Milford, CT 06460

Living in Milford, is living outside the hustle and bustle, but also having a quick train ride escape to New York City. Perhaps New York City is your true love, well here in Milford, CT it’s close enough. Also, this facility in Milford has all the amenities you need to keep yourself active, fit and in good mental shape. Carriage Green is focused on meeting your activity needs, and leaving you be during those times you need time away from the crowd. Carriage Green is a great option for assisted living, so contact us today to get more information.

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Atria Darien

Darien, CT 06820

Atria Darien is a beautiful facility. The structure is second to none in the area, so if you enjoy a clean, well-kept environment (who doesn’t?) then this may be the place for you. Shops and dining (should you choose not to eat at home), are just a short walk away. If you need a ride, you got it! If you’re interested in a trip to New York City, the train station is just a half-mile from your front door. Get the activity level you need, the peace you need at home, or the hustle and bustle you love in New York City. With an attentive staff, you are secure, and your health is of utmost importance.

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Maplewood at Orange

Orange, CT 06477

With an outstanding activity lineup (with ample downtime), Maplewood at Orange is your new home of excitement. Of course, you can be left alone if you like. But if you truly enjoy staff enthusiasm, and fun that cannot be beaten, consider this as your next home. For those with early memory loss, you will find the comprehensive care you need, to help you through the hard times. Your health is priority, and that includes physical, mental and spiritual health. Expect your needs to be met at Maplewood, and understand that with the staff here, you are in good hands.

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Ridgefield Crossings

Ridgefield, CT 06877

24-hour health care, tailored to your individual needs, is what some need. You will find that here. The facility is designed for carefree living, so you can rest assured that your needs will be met. Enjoy the privacy of your own spacious apartment. Also, the Harbor Program, helps those with Alzheimer’s to succeed mentally, in an environment of peace, and understanding. Everyone can lose his or her memory in time, so why not entrust your well-being to a staff that truly cares, and puts your needs at the forefront?

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Fairfield, CT. Is it for You?

Each of these facilities has comprehensive health care options, in a living environment of peace and serenity. New York City is also close enough, should you feel the need to take a train ride there. These facilities, located close to Fairfield, CT, each have differences, so call today to choose those differences that fit your lifestyle best.

Top 10 Assisted Living Facilities in Jacksonville

Jacksonville may be the place for you! Seniors really enjoy “River by the Sea.” Jacksonville is known for beautiful beaches, an exciting environment, while also having a laid-back side. Jacksonville is an old movie town, it’s filled with lovely parks, and the city cries “history.” There are many wonderful places where you can satisfy your curiosity for history, and you can become an expert of your new town. Consider spending some of your best years here, at any of the following (unordered), Jacksonville top 10 assisted living facilities.

Sterling House of Merrimac

Jacksonville, FL 32210

Brookdale has signature Personalized Assisted Living, which allows for the customization of care offerings for the individual. The quality of care allows for individualized attention and assistance where it’s most needed. With nursing on staff, a visiting podiatrist and a range of other caregivers, your health is given priority. With a wide array of optional activities and ample resting areas, you can be as active or relaxed as you wish. Just don’t rest during the activities or you will miss the fun!

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Emeritus at Southpoint

Jacksonville, FL 32216

With a comfy, homelike setting, you are sure to feel right where you want to be at Southpoint. An attentive staff cares for your needs, and lets you be when you want some solitude. Unique activities are provided by the facility, within the home, or in the bustling city of Jacksonville. The combination of high-level care, and unique opportunity for socialization make Emeritus at Southpoint a tough place to counter.

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Emeritus at Orange Park

Orange Park, FL 32073

Here you can expect quality daily care and assistance with bathing and dressing, personalized meals, quality care, and activity options second to none. As an Emeritus facility, you can expect high-level, skilled health care, with a flair of comfort and fun provided by the rest areas, and activities, respectively. Frequent housekeeping keeps your home clean and an environment where you can see your overall health is regarded. In the event of an emergency, there’s an emergency response call system, which alerts local EMS at the time you need them most.

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Emeritus at Mandarin

Jacksonville, FL 32257

As with most quality assisted living facilities, you can expect medication management assistance. Quality and skilled medication management is an expectation at Emeritus facilities, so if your medication list is long and hard to follow, relax, not anymore. You will get expert assistance with transport and walking, keeping you safe as you get around. Another benefit that Emeritus at Mandarin advertises, is assistance with your laundry. No more lugging that laundry basket. You can watch your favorite program while your laundry is tended to.

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Sterling House of Jacksonville

Jacksonville, FL 32257

Brookdale stresses its focus on you and your preferences. Brookdale is not about “completing tasks to get them done,” they are more about “assisting the client with what they need most.” The focus is you. With expert health care on hand, such as a doctor who is on call, and 24-hour nursing access, you are safe here at Sterling House. With many activities to choose from, from bingo to city escapades, expect that you will be busy – unless of course, you want some alone time. With a clean facility, and attentive staff, you will feel right at home.

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Wyndham Lakes

Jacksonville, FL 32257

With visiting nurses, podiatrists, occupational and physical therapists, and aides, among others, your health care is of utmost importance at Wyndham Lakes. Parking is available, so you have easy access to transportation. There are nearby worship facilities, so you can meet your spiritual health needs. With a great menu selection, you are likely to be quite happy with your meals as well. Consider Wyndham Lakes if you want quality care, and a comfortable environment.

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Atrium at Regency

Jacksonville, FL 32225

At Atrium, there is an Optimum Life Program. Optimum life is a journey of self-discovery allowing you to “pursue your peak level of health, wholeness and fulfillment while balancing six key dimensions of personal wellness: emotional, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual and purpose.” There is exceptional health care provided here, and you can rest assured your health is a priority. With visiting nurses and other staff on hand, should you suffer from any health ailments, you can expect quality management of them.

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Carriage Club of Jacksonville

Jacksonville, FL 32256

Carriage Club of Jacksonville, also a Brookdale facility, has the Optimum Life program available to you as well. With complimentary transportation, a parking area, meals, laundry provided, among many other amenities, you will feel very cared for. Let’s face it, you’ve earned it, you’ve earned quality care, and Carriage Club is going to provide it. With an arrangement of varying daily activities, there is much you can get involved with. If you are a smoker, there are places where you can (designated areas), as the Carriage Club understands, some people smoke. Keeping it in designated areas also keeps the air fresh for those who don’t smoke.

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Sunrise of Jacksonville

Jacksonville, FL 32256

Sunrise of Jacksonville is a popular choice for many people in the Jacksonville area. You can bring your cat or dog! Sunrise realizes that it is your home and provides facilities that cater to that fact. Don’t forget to get your hair done. With an on-site beautician, you will be nice and beautiful as you take that trip to the local hot spot, with the activities department. A focus on your most central needs is what makes Sunrise stand out. Here, you are #1.

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The Allegro at Fleming Island

Orange Park, FL 32003

One of the outstanding benefits of this facility is its location. With easy access to Jacksonville hot spots, you’ll always have something to do. Your meals are carefully planned, and your health care is first-rate. Call us today to get some more information on this facility, and we expect you to be impressed. With lots of activities, and lots of time for private reflection, choose your adventure. Consider the Allegro, for a quality home.

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Is Jacksonville for You?

Is this the place you want to call home? If you’re not sure of course, you can contact one of our advisors for more information and direction if you want it. We can help talk you through these facility options, and dig deeper on the questions you need answered. Call today!

Top 10 Assisted Living Facilities in Deerfield, IL

Deerfield, Illinois sits on the northeastern part of the state, with Lake Michigan nearby. Chicago is just under an hour’s drive south of Deerfield, while Arlington Heights and Mount Prospect are just Southwest. To the north exists the quaint Waukegan. Needless to say, Deerfield is rather small compared to many of the cities we highlight and it doesn’t boast the best 10 assisted living facilities in the area by itself. Deerfield will be our focus point, but covered will be nearby assisted living facilities as well.

Chicago is so very close to Deerfield, yet Deerfield retains its distinction from the city. It is far enough away to keep itself from city issues, but close enough for a visit, or shopping. Also, residing on Lake Michigan, Deerfield residents have access to beautiful views of the Great Lake, and can utilize its many options. Do you like to swim? Maybe live in Deerfield. Do you like to be on a boat? Consider Deerfield.

Lastly, do you enjoy jet skis? Perhaps living with assistance is just added protection for you, but you are fully capable of jet skiing! You have the lake, you have the city, and you have a place to call home right here in and around Deerfield. Look at these assisted living facilities, and consider the life of placidity.

In no particular order, here are the 10 best assisted living facilities in the area:

Weinberg Community for Senior Living

Deerfield, IL 60015

The Weinberg Community provides many amenities. Some of their focus includes: life enrichment, supportive services, and healthcare. With life enrichment programs, Weinberg Community seeks to assist resident’s minds, bodies, and spirits. Not only that, they provide cultural experiences to stay active. Who says because you’re a senior citizen that you can’t be active? I don’t want to meet that person.

With supportive services Weinberg offers a wide range of programming and services to maximize health and promote wellbeing. After all, it is about quality of life, not quantity, right? With healthcare, Weinberg Community aids with post-acute, chronic and psychosocial health concerns. You will be in safe hands at the Weinberg community.

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Sunrise of Highland Park

Highland Park, IL 60035

The amenities seem endless, but let’s name a few here. Some include: 24-hour-per-day staff, exercise classes, weekly housekeeping, weekly laundry, etc. There is not enough space here to name all the amenities at Sunrise of Highland Park. The food is great as well. With a changing menu, and much to choose from, you won’t go hungry here! Check out the facility page for further information.

There are more activities here than you can choose from. Decide to have a light activity day, or a heavy one. Some activities for the day this article was written include: Men’s club outing at Twin Peaks, exercise with Judy, the Go4Life walking club, wine before we dine, and the Tuesday night movie to name a few. Do you ever feel bored? Well you certainly won’t here.

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The Seasons at Glenview Place

Northbrook, IL 60062

With attentive staff, and a multitude of activities, you are always cared for at the Seasons at Glenview Place. You will have the opportunity to participate in daily activities, and if you become ill you will have available trained medical professionals. There’s a lovely dining room and menu so you’ll surely enjoy your meals. As a quaint facility that provides everything you need to live a quality life, considering here is not a bad idea. Look at the facility page by clicking the name above, and decide for yourself!

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The Wellshire

Lincolnshire, IL 60069

With walk-in showers, individually controlled air conditioning, 24-hour licensed nurse, and a pool with aqua therapy and aerobics (just to name a few of the amenities), you will be very comfortable at the Wellshire. You don’t realize how important self-control of your air conditioning is, until you lose it. Well you don’t lose it here. Sleep comfortably. Again, these above amenities name just a few. This beautiful facility can meet your wants and needs.

Expect nutritionally balanced meals and a variety of activities to choose from. There’s a fitness center, a library, a theater, fireplaces and even a beauty and barber salon. Take a closer look at the Wellshire by clicking the hyperlink above. You won’t regret it!

Click here to contact us now to see if The Wellshire may be right for you.

Belmont Village of Buffalo Grove

Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Belmont Village says it’s a place to experience, to grow, trust, live and heal (and they’re right). This facility cannot be adequately described in words. It’s important you research this facility further for its true exceptionalism by starting first at the link above. Belmont village is not only beautiful from the outside and within, the staff at the facility put the residents first. Upon entering Belmont Village, you will realize that the true concern for you is palpable.

You have chef-prepared meals, a bistro for coffee, tea and snacks, technology center with high-speed internet, and a list of offsite trips to choose from. This facility stands out amongst many facilities in the nation. In other words, it might be unwise to pass up further inquiry into Belmont Village of Buffalo Grove.

Click here to contact us now to see if Belmont Village of Buffalo Grove may be right for you.

Sunrise of Buffalo Grove

Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

As a Sunrise facility, there truly is distinction here. With a mission that says: they champion quality of life for all seniors, they really do. Expect many amenities you would find at any great facility, but also expect the Sunrise difference. Sunrise has a soul for caring. From the administrative side, all the way to clinical, you can expect quality care, and true dedication to your needs. Take a closer look at Sunrise facilities, and this one specifically if you like the Buffalo Grove area. You will likely find what it is you’re looking for.

Click here to contact us now to see if Sunrise of Buffalo Grove may be right for you.

Emeritus at Prospect Heights

Prospect Heights, IL 60070

Some amenities at this Brookdale facility include: pet friendly, café bistro, fireside living room, special dietary menus and much more. As a continuing care retirement community, the facility is there for you even though you can, or mostly can, be there for yourself. Think of the facility more as a sociable place to live, as opposed to a “facility.” You get to bring your little dog too!

With memory care services as well, here you can feel confident that you are being cared for by licensed, skilled staff. Losing one’s memory abilities is not inevitable but it does happen. Here you can expect professional staff at your side when you need someone the most. Keep in mind this facility is not strictly for memory care, it’s also assisted living.

Click here to contact us now to see if Emeritus at Prospect Heights may be right for you.

The Park at Vernon Hills

Vernon Hills, IL 60061

A Brookdale facility where you can bring your pet, go to the library or the chapel, enjoy the game room or the pool, the opportunities again, are endless. With assisted living, independent living, memory care and even skilled nursing, you can expect each of your healthcare needs to be tended to. As for independent living, you choose your involvement of course, but with assisted living you get that little extra hand with medications, and other healthcare needs.

Brookdale facilities are excellent because they care for the whole resident. In other words, if an assisted living resident eventually needs memory care, don’t expect your mind to be all Brookdale will focus on. Your physical needs are also tended to regardless of your mental health. With great amenities, and great care, The Park at Vernon Hills is quite the place to call home.

Click here to contact us now to see if The Park at Vernon Hills may be right for you.

Belmont Village of Glenview

Glenview, IL 60025

Like Belmont Village of Buffalo Grove, you will find the same great selection of things to do with a caring staff when you need. Deciding between Glenview and Buffalo Grove really is the difference here. Otherwise, this is just as wonderful of a facility as the other Belmont Village discussed.

The staff at these facilities go through some of the best training there is for assisted living. They foster the growth of staff, which reduces turnover and increases your relationship length with them. The resident is always at the heart of all the facility does, and from the housekeeper to the physician, expect a smile and an offer of “how can I we you?”

Click here to contact us now to see if Belmont Village of Buffalo Grove may be right for you.

Alden Courts/Garden Des Plaines

Des Plaines, IL 60016

With the mission to improve the quality of life for its residents, Alden Courts provides some of the best care around. With three daily meals, a hydration program, and many daily activities, this is a great place to live. There’s even an ice cream parlor! Take a visit to Des Plaines, and consider making Alden your new home. You can expect here what you would like from any high-quality assisted living facility.

Click here to contact us now to see if Alden Courts/Garden Des Plaines may be right for you.

So, Deerfield or not?

If it is a quality facility you are looking for, in a comfortable environment aside Lake Michigan, look no further. Chicago is nearby as are other communities, where your needs outside of home can easily be met. Take a look at each of these facilities by clicking their names. That is an excellent starting point for researching your next new, comfy home. These facilities do it the Deerfield way!

Top 10 Assisted Living Facilities in Cleveland

For those exploring assisted living in Cleveland, you’ve come to the right place. Cleveland has University Circle! Populated with cultural, religious, social service, and of course educational facilities, you’ve stumbled upon an eclectic environment of diversity and excitement.

There’s lots of bars, restaurants and entertainment in the area as well, should you decide to leave the facility for a little fun. For art lovers, there’s the Cleveland Museum of Art (a must visit, over and over). Also enjoy the West Side Market, the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, Little Italy and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum.

For baby boomers, we know you loved to rock in your day, why not continue? There’s hiking in Cleveland at the North Chagrin Reservation, and there’s even a world-famous Zoo. There’s not enough space here to explain all the benefits of Cleveland. So, start here, come back and leave some comments in the comment section.

Above all, Cleveland boasts some of the country’s best healthcare and assisted living facilities. Cleveland is a town that attracts some of the finest doctors, and some of the most thorough facility planners. If you want to have an eventful, and exciting retirement, but also want an assisted living facility where you can find peace – Cleveland is a good bet. Below are your top 10 assisted living facilities in Cleveland.

The Woodlands at Shaker Heights

16333 Chagrin Blvd

Cleveland, OH 44120


This facility is a must-see. It has an old-style charm, it’s clean and just basically gorgeous. From the moment, you set your eyes on the outside of the building, by the time you go to the library, eat dinner, and rest in your bed – you’ll know this is home. Woodlands at Shaker Heights stands out and stands alone in comparison to other assisted living facilities in the nation. You heard that right, in the nation. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Woodlands at Shaker Heights may be right for you.

Sunrise at Parma

7766 Broadview Rd

Cleveland, OH 44134


Think beauty, and think amenities. Also know that this facility occasionally offers a move-in special. You’ll expect trained staff 24-hours per day here, weekly personal laundry, daily activities (creative, social, learning), three well-balanced daily meals, a variety of floor plans to choose from, and much more. Expect exceptional dining options here, and a place you really can call home. You may be wondering, after being here, why you didn’t move-in sooner.

Click here to contact us now to see if Sunrise at Parma may be right for you.

Governor’s Village

280 North Commons Boulevard

Mayfield Village, OH 44143


Howdy governor! Governor’s Village has perhaps one of the best dining rooms that can be seen in an assisted living facility anywhere. One thing to note about a well-cared for dining room, and clean facility, is you can expect any care that you will need, to be precise, and on point. Where there’s care in one department, there’s care in another.

There are a variety of floor plans to choose from, and some amenities include: a sidewalk café, a theater, chapel, exercise room, and of course, a hair-salon. Don’t go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame without a haircut. Wait, maybe cut it after you visit, party on in the meantime.

Click here to contact us now to see if Governor’s Village may be right for you.


14900 Private Drive

Cleveland, Ohio 44112


There’s a lot to say for McGregor. McGregor is a diverse medical community, surely it has a home environment, but it can meet many health needs as well. This may be a great place for those of you who need a little closer medical observation.

Keep in mind, assisted living is just that, you’re not moving into a nursing home. But, if you have any anxiety about your health status, staff are just a stone’s throw away (although the facility prefers no throwing of stones – safety reasons and all).

Click here to contact us now to see if McGregor may be right for you.

Judson Park

2181 Ambleside Dr.

Cleveland, OH 44106


Remember we talked about University Circle? Well here, you’re in the heart of it. Not to mention, this facility consistently ranks high. Look at this U.S. News and World Report article. Take into serious consideration, Judson Park. Judson Park is just what you need, if what you desire is a quality facility in Cleveland Circle. Who doesn’t need a little Cleveland Circle in their heart?

Click here to contact us now to see if Judson Park may be right for you.

St. Augustine Towers

7821 Lake Ave

Cleveland, OH 44102


If you are looking for peace, security, privacy, and comfort, in a faith-based environment, this is your destination. For those who value faith and what it can offer to your life, this facility should be under serious consideration. If you want to talk God, expect a staff that wants to talk God with you. The facility boasts incredible rates, and is an environment where you can continue to grow.

Click here to contact us now to see if St. Augustine Towers may be right for you.

Park Creek Center

10064 N Church Drive

Cleveland, OH 44130


Park Creek already knows your assisted living needs. They know you want top-notch care, and a comfortable environment – so they provide it. Park Creek Center focuses their philosophy on love and on families. Believing in physical and emotional balance for residents, the staff considers the entire person. The staff truly cares.

Click here to contact us now to see if Park Creek Center may be right for you.

Pearl View, Inc.

4426 Homestead Drive

Brunswick, OH, 44212


Pearl View is more of a post-hospital discharge facility. Not focused on assisted living, the facility focuses on getting you better after you’ve been released from the hospital. It should be included in this list, however, for the purposes of knowing its existence. If you choose one of the other assisted living facilities, perhaps keep Pearl View as an option should you become ill.

Click here to contact us now to see if Pearl View may be right for you.

Gateway Family House

3 Gateway Drive

Euclid, OH 44119


This is an adorable little facility. With activities, great food, and a calm living environment, residents at the Gateway Family House find refuge from a world that won’t quit. Yes, we love the world, we contributed to it, but how about some time to get some peace? At Gateway, you can.

Click here to contact us now to see if Gateway Family House may be right for you.

Greenbrier Retirement

6455 Pearl Road

Cleveland, OH 44130


Providing outstanding, dedicated medical support, Greenbrier is another group to strongly consider. Services are extensive, and can help you improve your health. It’s no secret we all will die. But for some unfortunate reason, it seems it can be a secret that we can really live, in our latter years. Greenbrier doesn’t buy into that false secret.

Click here to contact us now to see if Greenbrier Retirement may be right for you.

Cleveland Assisted Living Facilities are Top-Notch

Perhaps rivaling any other medical community in America, any other cultural community in America, this is the place to be. Once you’ve decided that this is the place for you to thrive, start to consider one of the above assisted living facilities, and close the deal.






Top 10 Assisted Living Facilities in Boston

Boston, Massachusetts is the epicenter of academia and culture. Harvard is in nearby Cambridge, MIT is also nearby, along with many other reputable schools. The streets are idyllic in the winter time, as if you just walked off a Walt Whitman poem. The Freedom Trail is in Boston, as is the permanent home of the U.S.S. Constitution. Boston is steeped in history and purpose. Without Boston, there would be no America.

It makes sense to consider an assisted living home in Boston not only for its beauty, but also for its modernity. There is a coffee shop right where you want one. There is a health foods store on the corner. Boston is progressive. Just because you’re in the latter years of your life does not mean you don’t deserve a progressive, happening place to live. Here we explore the ten best assisted living facilities in and around Boston. Some cities mentioned, to Bostonians, are considered Boston, so don’t fret if you won’t get to write “Boston” on your mail.  It’s time to become a part of a city that cares about you, and live in an environment that can cater to your needs.

Compass on the Bay

1380 Columbia Road

Boston, MA 02127

(617) 268 – 5450

Offering traditional assisted living, along with memory care (for those who need it), Compass on the Bay is an innovative property. The facility is in South Boston, and boasts views of the bay. There is not a high staff turnover here, meaning the professionals like what they do. For care, Compass is second to none in that it puts each resident first. The focus is to address resident needs. The beautiful surroundings, nice patio, and water views are a bonus! 

Click here to contact us now to see if Compass on the Bay may be right for you.

Prospect House

420 Reservoir Ave.

Revere, MA 02151

(781) 853 – 0005

Also, located in an oceanfront community, Prospect House offers affordable yet stylish living to its seniors. They provide opportunities for lots of on-site as well as community activities, and strive to keep seniors attached to the outside world (as much as they would like). Prospect House is also centrally located, near great dining and shopping facilities, allowing for excellent visits with family. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Prospect House may be right for you.

Somerville Home

117 Summer Street

Somerville, MA 02143

(617) 776 – 0260

Somerville Home is close to many amenities. Close to Boston, just really a sister to Boston, you will find everything you need here. Boasting a close-knit community, this facility offers the best in community-building. Residents are happy here, and likely will make friends with one another and staff-alike. It seems to be the focus of this facility to provide for a strong sense of belonging amongst everyone. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Somerville Home may be right for you.

Susan Bailis Assisted Living Community

352 Massachusetts Avenue

Boston, MA 02115

(617) 247 – 1010

Being on Massachusetts Avenue, you can expect there are a variety of activities outside the facility for residents. There is also a carefully-coordinated caregiving model here at Susan Bailis, and the facility consistently ranks as a top Boston facility. Do some research on Susan Bailis Assisted Living Community and you are likely to find that quality resides here. That said, perhaps becoming a part of this quality is just what a resident needs. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Susan Bailis Assisted Living Community may be right for you.

Atria Maplewood Place

295 Broadway

Malden, MA 02148

(781) 218 – 3308

Atria Maplewood Place boasts a family-like atmosphere in the quiet but exciting town of Malden. Just outside Boston, Malden is truly part of the Boston fold. Boston is easily accessible by train. Atria is also consistently ranked very high as a Boston, and a Massachusetts facility. If Boston is a little hectic for you, but you want to try the cousin of Boston, Malden, you will find what you need here. The facility model cares deeply about residents, you will feel quite at home. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Atria Maplewood Place may be right for you.

Neville Place

650 Concord Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02138

(617) 497 – 8700

Also with great assisted living support this facility includes memory care for those with Alzheimer’s. Residents don’t need to have memory issues to live here, but if you do (even in the early stages), you can expect uncompromising care. The facility overlooks Fresh Pond in Cambridge, just a small gem of the larger city of Cambridge. Cambridge is a peaceful, and storied town and offers modern amenities. For those of you with lots of “stuff” there is generous closet space here at Neville Place. 

Click here to contact us now to see if Neville Place may be right for you.

The Cambridge Homes

360 Mt. Auburn Street

Cambridge, MA 02138

(617) 876 – 0369

There is help when you need it here, but there is also the respect to your privacy when you don’t. There are great hospitals in the area to include Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston Medical Center. If there is one place in the world to get sick, it’s Boston. Not only do you have the beauty of Cambridge, but in the event something awful happens, you have the support of a proud medical community. Cambridge Homes offers a tranquil home environment where you don’t have to think about hospitals though. 

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Cadbury Commons

66 Sherman Street

Cambridge, MA 02140

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Cadbury Commons is family owned and operated. There are outstanding chefs here, you know, the kind to please your palate. Food, in other words is not just sent out to get it out, it’s planned and made specifically for the taste buds of the residents. There is an outstanding calendar of programs to include lectures, and concerts. This community is one where you really get to live, and not just waste time. 

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Atria Marina Place

4 Seaport Drive

Quincy, MA 02171

(617) 830 – 7921

Just 10 minutes from Boston, and by the sea, you can expect some great seafood around here. How about some Maine lobster for lunch? Atria Marina Place offers your choice of studio, one and two bedroom homes. There’s a variety of common areas, a library for those who like to read, a country kitchen, a pub and an activities room. What more could you want?! Frequently ranking at the top of Massachusetts assisted living facilities lists lies Atria Marina Place, and you could be its next resident. 

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Rubin Thompson, LLC

50 Houston Avenue

Saugus, MA 01906

(781) 558 – 1909

Rubin Thompson offers highly skilled staff, a clean, friendly facility and atmosphere. Saugus is just outside of Boston, so if your goal is to be just outside, this could be the place. Boston has such great public transportation, so anything of interest in the city is just a short train ride away. What you’ll find at Rubin Thompson is a comfortable environment where you can stretch your legs and spread your wings. 

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If old world charm and new world innovation is your interest, Boston is the place to live. Considering one of the above assisted living facilities could be your best decision of the rest of your life. Call the facility, and ask some questions to see if they can meet your needs. If not, simply move on to your next favorite. Choosing assisted living doesn’t need to be a depressing situation, not when there’s good options out there.

Adult Foster Care, Perhaps a Good Option for Your Loved Ones

Is Adult Foster Care a Humane Option?

First you need to know what it is. Adult foster care (AFC) is the equivalent of you caring for and engaging your loved one, except with AFC, professionals are doing it. Often, children find it is difficult to fully care for their parents or their grandparents due to employment, or extensity of care required. Not only that, they may feel they are unable to engage their loved ones as much as they would like, leading to guilt or even depression.

Simply stated, adult foster care is not only a humane choice, it can be considered a proactive approach in meeting the needs of those you love. Typically, adult foster care is arranged by governmental agencies, but it also can be initiated by families. Adult foster care is an option to take care of those with physical and/or mental disabilities in a way that family members otherwise could not. It is an ethical choice, leading to increased personal engagement and improvement of overall health.

What Assistance is Provided With Adult Foster Care?

  • Meal preparation
  • Medication management
  • Social interaction and activities
  • Transportation services
  • Personal care (toileting, dressing)
  • Aiding in daily recreational and vocational activities

As you can see, there are a range of benefits to adult foster care, the most important and ultimate benefit is essentially holistic care of an individual who otherwise wouldn’t or couldn’t have it. The services provided are carried out by professionals and are likely to aide clients to more positive states.

Types of Adult Foster Care

The following are the basic types of care available to adults with included descriptions:

  • Adult care homes are assisted living facilities where 24-hour care is provided such as with meal preparation, dressing and personal care.
  • Supervised living group homes are usually mental health facilities where some services are provided, professional (medication administration) or otherwise (meal preparation). These facilities often offer great opportunity for interaction and a place where those with mental health issues can find refuge from the outside world.
  • Nursing homes different from adult care homes, are facilities where there is a requirement for high-level professional nursing care. These are not typically what are meant by adult foster care, but understanding of them is required for adequate contrast. Nursing home clients require extensive care such as with multiple insulin injections per day, or they have an active infection requiring antibiotics, or they need multiple complexly-administered medications. Nursing homes tend to seek a tranquil milieu, but many clients in these facilities can be very sick. Usually nursing homes also aid in memory care with these specialized units in addition to regular units. Services provided in memory care units would be relative to dementia and Alzheimer’s care.
  • Continuing care retirement communities usually offer a range of services from skilled nursing care to independent living. All services are readily available to all clients living on these “care campuses.” If for instance, someone living in the independent part of the community becomes ill, often they can receive care in the skilled nursing facility on the same campus. Then, likely, if not serious, they can easily return to independent living.

Facts About Adult Foster Care

The Baby Boomer generation is aging and will require increased services, especially because with technological healthcare advances – people are living longer, and usually higher-quality lives. AARP reports that those aged 65 and older, in the United States are expected to double in number from 40 million to 81 million by 2040. This indicates that people need to start considering if adult foster care is right for them. Although more skilled healthcare isn’t necessary for most such as with a nursing home, adult foster care is an option a little more likely as people age and need assistance. Adult foster care provides an environment where health can be the norm. The focuses of AFC facilities are essentially the provision of comfort and security.

What Would You Decide for You? For Them?

You are faced with a difficult discussion, one that you feel is best discussed comprehensively with your loved one. The decision is: should we consider adult foster care? This does not have to be a hard choice when the facts are presented clearly. Adult foster care is essentially a place where adults can receive the care they need, if they’re not quite ill to a point they need nursing home care.

Perhaps Anne can no longer cook nutritious meals, and she is occasionally incontinent of urine. These issues can lead to dangerous outcomes. Perhaps while cooking, Anne forgets to turn off the burner, and a fire results. Or, perhaps Anne is incontinent of urine, slips on it and hits her head.

What an adult foster care program will provide (at its most basic) is an environment where adults can flourish medically and socially, and (at its most complex) extensive care, providing safety and comfort. Is adult foster care, right? It’s right when you consider that if you’re unable to provide the amount of care the family member needs, perhaps enlisting the help of professional caregivers is the kindest choice you could make.