3 Key Things to Consider When Choosing a Home Health Aide

Choosing home health care services is often more complicated than it needs to be. To make sure that a home health care agency can provide the best service, it is important to look into the company itself, which is why patients and their families check for state licensing, government accreditation, Medicare health and safety certification, and references before selecting an agency to work with.

How do you select a home health care aide once you’ve selected a home health care agency? The easiest way to choose a home health aide is to consider these 3 key things before making a choice.

1. Your Home Health Aide’s Personality

Matching the personality of a patient with the personality of an aide is crucial when you choose home health assistance. Personality type plays the biggest role in the patient-client relationship. The world’s best-trained aide and the world’s most compliant patient may not have success because their personalities clash. Home health aides are only successful at care-giving when a combination of trust and emotional balance exists between caregiver and client.

When choosing a home health aide, take time to watch the patient’s reaction to the aide and the aide’s interaction with the patient on a personal level in addition to his or her medical expertise.

2. Your Home Health Aide’s Professional Qualifications

If a caregiver and patient have good rapport, the next important part of choosing a home health aide is selecting an aide that you feel is fully qualified. An aide’s qualification to work with a client depends on three factors: experience, knowledge, and presentation. Experience refers to the patients and households the aide has previous experience with. An aide’s knowledge refers to training with specific conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease Parkinson’s, cancer, dementia, or other conditions unique to the patient you are hoping to pair him or her with. Experience using necessary medical equipment in the home is an important gauge of an aide’s qualifications as well. The word presentation refers to how the aide carries him or herself, people skills, and patience with the client.

3. Your Home Health Aide’s Communication Skills

A successful relationship between a home health aide and a patient depends on a personality match, the aide’s qualifications, and the communication between the aide, the patient, and the family. Home health aides are trained to communicate with clients and families, but this communication requires the participation of the caregiver, the patient and family.

It cannot be stressed enough that what works for one home health aide with one patient may not work for the next, so it’s important to dedicate enough time and care to interviewing your home health aide candidates to ensure that you make the right choice for everyone involved. By keeping these three tips in mind as you search, you’re sure to find a home health aide that can not only help the patient to feel comfortable remaining at home during an illness, but help family, friends and other caregivers to feel reassured and relieve some of the stress that inherently accompanies caring for a loved one that needs day-to-day assistance.

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