Drive Medical 790 Knee Walker Review

Age is just a number. And it’s often said you’re only as old as you feel. Often times, it’s an injury or an illness that makes you feel your age or even older.

The Drive Medical 790 Knee Walker, you can feel young again despite the need to recuperate from a foot injury. This scooter-type walker is perfect for individuals recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputation and ulcers of the foot. Basically, this scooter can work as an alternative to crutches, making it easier to navigate the world with an injured foot and look like you’re having a little bit of fun doing it.

At first glance the Drive Medical 79 Knee Walker looks a bit like a toddler’s ride-on toy, but upon closer inspection you will notice that this is much more than a toy. Holding up to 300 pounds, this four-wheeled scooter maximizes independence and mobility. The cushioned knee pad can be adjusted to various heights to ensure comfort of the user. In addition, the handle bars can be raised (and lowered) without the use of tools depending upon height need.

With 8 inch casters as wheels, this scooter can easily navigate through indoor and outdoor terrain. Since it can be steered, users can easily pilot around corners and obstacles. In addition, dual level breaks ensure safety.

User reviews Drive Medical 790 Knee Walker are stellar. Many users explaining that it has made their recovery after an injury or surgery much more efficient.

However, some users claimed that using the walker outdoors and over rough terrain could sometimes prove to be difficult, with even small bumps affecting stability.  Additionally, the brakes are very sensitive and it may take some practice to know how to apply appropriate pressure for your stopping needs. This is very important when going down hills and handicap ramps where a sudden stop could result in a fall.

One user suggests that if you’re considering the Drive Medical 790 Knee Walker that it is purchased prior to the surgery so you can practice using it safely, helping you to be more comfortable and confident in its features.

The Drive Medical 790 Knee Walker can be purchased through a variety of medical retailers, but is available at the lowest cost through for just under $200.

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