Drive Medical Home Bed Assist Handle Review

For some people, just getting out of bed in the morning and getting back in at night can present a tremendous physical and emotional challenge; for others, this precarious situation can be a bit more problematic. There are many kinds of products on the market to assist people in making going sleeping and waking in their beds each night and day a not so difficult, or onerous task. To make this daily endeavor less uncomfortable for those who experience it, a new device has been created. Today, the most prominent product on the market is the Drive Medical Adjustable Height Home Bed Assist Handle.

If you are considering buying a Drive Medical Adjustable Height Home Bed Assist Handle, there are some things you should think about before making a purchase. Here are four items to ponder over before buying.

Of course, safety should always be the first consideration when using any home aid device. This deliberation should be of primary importance before making any purchase. To begin, all Drive Medical Home Bed Assist Handles are made of solid steel, durable chrome plating, and rugged construction. Sturdy foam insulates the handles of the bed rails and provides added comfort and assurance to those in properly entering and exiting a bed.

Height Adjustability
Another factor to consider in Drive Medical Home Bed Assist Handles is the ability to adjust the height of the product. On most rails, adjustability can range from 13.5″ to 16.5,” which provides a more than adequate amount of flexibility for maximum comfort with these devices. The best thing here is that no tools are required for rail adjustability.

One disadvantage, however, of the Drive Medical Home Assist Handle where height adjustment is concerned is the issue of purchasing two sets of rails. When purchasing two rails for a particular type of bed, you have to think about a couple of factors. With two sets of rails, there is a chance that the rails may not fit comfortable, or safely, on opposite sides, in particular, of a queen sized bed.

If this is a major concern before making a purchase of this item, the situation can easily be remedied by simply positioning the two rails at either shoulder length, or waist length of the bed for the average queen sized bed. This minor readjustment usually works in most situations.

Installation Instructions
Installation instructions for most makes of the rails are quite detailed, and highly readable. Feed back, however, from some buyers of the Drive Medical Home Bed Assist Handles have pointed to poorly detailed instructions; but added, however, that with a little extra work and study with the installation instructions, getting up to speed installing the home assist rails was quite without much conflict or sweat. Most customers attest to being up and running ─ or lying down and sleeping ─ in no time at all.

You can adjust the rails of the Drive Medical Home Bed Assist Handle to the “flat” position for optimum transportation and storage. All rails are easily removable for convenient storage. They are also quite easy to clean.


Most customers of the Drive Medical Home Bed Assist Handle are the elderly, or recently disabled, who experience difficulty in sitting upright from a lying down position in their beds. With the Drive Medical Home Bed Assist Handle, customers now have a firm and solid mechanism with which to hold, and pull themselves up from a sitting or resting position while in their own bed. The Drive Medical Home Bed Assist Handle has been given notable critical acclaim from health care professionals, as well as the assisted living community.

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