Dynamic Living Oversized 16-inch X 7.5-inch Digital LED Calendar Wall Clock Review

oversizedwallclockFor any person with Alzeheimer’s, dementia, vision loss or all of the above, a large-sized wall clock can be a beacon. Users are touting the benefits of the Dynamic Living Oversized 16 X 7.5-inch Digital LED Calendar Wall Clock for it’s large, bright red and readable digital numbers and day/date on the screen. The bright screen is easy to read, even from across the room.

Perfect for an office, living room or kitchen, the clock has a black, contemporary frame that fits any style and it can be hung on a wall or stand upright on a desk or table. With a recessed outlet and AC adaptor on the back of the unit, the clock can be plugged into any outlet and it will still hang straight on the wall.


Compared to an everyday household product

The clock stands 7.5 inches high and is nearly 16 inches wide. The digital clock numbers measure just over two inches, while the calendar day and date below measure 1.5 inches. Features include an AM/PM indicator light and memory recall of the settings in the event of a power outage.

Many reviewers say they bought the clock for elderly loved ones, either with dementia or Alzheimer’s, to help ease the daily confusion about the time or day. Other’s say that the clock’s size helps their family members with low vision or macular degeneration to see the time easier. Purely functional, the clock its not a decorative piece, and some warn that the letters and numbers are very bright, and that this clock may not be suitable for a bedroom.

Help your elderly parent or friend feel part of their world with the Dynamic Living oversized digital LED calendar wall clock. Priced at $64 on Amazon, it’s been given four and a half out of five stars from pleased users.





Photo credits: Amazon.com

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