Dynamic Living Oversized Digital Led Calendar Wall Clock Review

Dynamic Living Oversized 16-inch X 7.5-inch Digital Led Calendar Wall Clock is all its name promises it will be. This clock is more than a clock. It’s also a calendar with date and day readings. The larger and more readable numbers make this the perfect clock for everyone, but especially for the elderly or others who might have trouble reading smaller clocks. How many times have you or someone you love had trouble reading a regular clock, or have just simply forgotten what time and day and date it actually it? This clock/calendar has so many features that make it the perfect solution for many situations.

Easy To Read Display

This is a big clock with big numbers and letters. It tells the time of day as well as the day and the date. The time/day/date are in an LED display in bright red letters, which are easy to read against a black background. With only a glance at this clock/calendar you can readily see the time and date. What a wonderful gift for mom or dad as they’re getting a little older and their vision or memory is not what it used to be. What a wonderful gift for anyone who wants a quick reminder of the time and date. It’s even easy to read in the middle of the night, and is bright enough to serve as a night light, too. There are also AM and PM displays. What a welcomed convenience to be able to keep track of time and thus feel happier and more in control of our own lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Everyone is busy these days with appointments to keep, work to go to, children to pick up, soccer games to cheer at and household chores to do. How nice to have a clock that helps us with these hectic times.

Contemporary Design

The black case has a very contemporary and modern look. The clock fit’s the décor of the kitchen, the office, the family room, anywhere in the house you decide to put it. You might even want more than one clock. Another great feature implemented in this contemporary design is the options of mounting the clock on the wall or of setting it on a counter or nightstand.

Power Outage Memory

One of the most important and most convenient features of this over-sized clock is that it doesn’t lose time or date information if there is a power outage. A big reason you probably want this clock is to help your elderly parent or neighbor have a calendar/clock they can read easily at all times. This convenience is kind of defeated if the power goes off and they don’t know how to re-set the clock. To prevent this from happening the clock has an internal memory that holds the proper time and date to continue even when the power is off and then continue with the right time when the power resumes. This feature alone makes that clock invaluable.

Other Features

The buttons on the back make it simple to set the time and date. Of course the AC adaptor is included. The Dynamic Living Oversized Digital Led Calendar Wall Clock can be shipped anywhere in the United States and also to certain countries that are outside of the United States. Expect a timely delivery for a reasonably priced and very useful clock. This is a BIG clock with many great features.

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