Ez2care Alumium 30 Inch Reacher Review

The Ez2care Alumium 30 Inch Reacher is the ideal solution for people who use a walker or wheelchair. It is perfect for people who have difficulty bending over or picking up objects off the floor as it is not only very lightweight but it is ergonomically designed and easy to use. It has a durable structural design, amazing gripping power and saves hours on trying to grab objects that are difficult to reach or grasp. The following are some highlights that are worth noting for those considering purchasing this reacher.

General Features

The Ez2care Alumium 30 Inch Reacher has an array of features that provides the perfect resolution for people who need assistance reaching various objects. Some of the many features include the following:

• A powerful magnetic tip
• Economically priced
• Easy to use and operate
• A very sturdy architecture
• Adds 30” to a person’s reach
• Has an unproblematic and effortless grab
• The narrow grasping tip can fit into small spaces
• The trigger and handle are ergonomically designed
• Has a good gripping power tip that extends up to 6”
• Has an extremely lightweight aluminum body structure


Although there are various reachers on the market the Ez2care Alumium 30 Inch Reacher is by far superior. Many designs can be too short which makes it difficult to reach various objects especially items that are above cabinets or on a high shelf. As well, a reacher can have a long extension but the grabbers are big and awkward making it difficult to grasp objects. With the Ez2care, objects are easy to grab whether they are far away or close and small in size. In fact, this Ez2care reacher saves a lot of time and frustration when trying to obtain certain items that are needed.

Additional Benefits

The Ez2care Alumium 30 Inch Reacher can be utilized for picking up many objects such as tweezers, cups, golf balls, dimes and quart bottles that weigh up to 5 pounds. Furthermore, this handy tool has an amazing grip but does not have sharp teeth and therefore will not scratch or tear items that are valued.

Health Benefits

The ultramodern Ez2care Alumium 30 Inch Reacher is ergonomically designed, lightweight and provides maximum comfort. This product is definitely user friendly for seniors or people with disabilities. It is ideal for people who may suffer from back problems or have difficulties reaching items in high places because of shoulder issues. Likewise, it is useful for picking up small items that are hard to grasp due to arthritis or rheumatism. The Ez2care Reacher is the perfect tool for people who are in a wheelchair or a walker and are not able to reach the top cupboards in the kitchen or other shelves throughout the home. In fact, the Ez2care Alumium 30 Inch Reacher may help prevent further injury or accidents when trying to pick up items that are hard to reach.


The innovative Ez2care Alumium 30 Inch Reacher is the ideal tool for retrieving various items that are out of reach or hard to grasp. It is perfect for seniors and people with disabilities that find it difficult to pick up small objects due to health issues or who need items that are not within arm’s reach. It is a user-friendly product that is lightweight, affordable and meets the everyday needs of seniors and people with disabilities. Overall, it is an outstanding product that is available at various online suppliers such as Amazon or Urban Gardeners.