Fulcrum Magnifying 12 LED Floor Lamp Review

Eye strain can become a real pain, causing head and neck aches, fatigue, burning and blurriness in your eyes. For many seniors, reading, crossword puzzles, needlepoint or other kinds of crafting becomes harder and therefore less enjoyable as eyesight diminishes. The Fulcrum Magnifying 12 LED Floor Lamp combines a magnifying lens and cool LED light to bring clarity back to vision and help users avoid eye strain.

Measuring 53 inches high, the floor lamp idles up easily to any chair or table and has an adjustable, flexible gooseneck that allows you to position the head where you need it most. Once in place, use the 5-inch diameter lens with 2X magnification, or the 6X magnification insert, to see your activity clearly. The 12 LEDs are glare-free and provide directed light, rather than lighting up the whole room. Compared to incandescent light, the LEDs emit little to no heat and are rated to last 100,000 hours. A simple on/off switch is located at the top of the magnifier.

The power source for the lamp is also flexible. Either plug into the wall with an AC adapter or use three alkaline D batteries, which are not included with the lamp. Using batteries, the light is highly portable, weighing in at 12 pounds.

Earning four out of five stars in reviews, most users enjoy the direct, bright light from the magnifying floor lamp. Many reviewers suffering from macular degeneration comment that with the help of the lamp, they’ve been able to return to some of the activities they used to enjoy, like reading or sewing.

One downside is the light’s lack of stability. A few users noted that the lamp feels a bit top-heavy and wants to topple over too easily.

The Fulcrum Magnifying 12 LED Floor Lamp is available at many retailers, including Amazon.com for just over $80.


Photo credit: Amazon.com

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