Helpful Bedroom Accessories for the Elderly

As we age the ability of our bodies to perform certain actions deteriorates, affecting people in terms of their physical and mental capabilities. However, one area in which many people do not immediately consider there to be a negative impact is the bedroom – even though getting in and out of bed, finding a comfortable position and being secure in bed can make this previously restful environment a battleground.

If you live in a senior housing community or if you are a caregiver, the bedroom is an area in which you need to ensure high levels of comfort and safety. Thankfully, there is a range of adjustable beds and accessories for nursing homes, the elderly and disabled. The following are just a taster of the options available and give a brief outline of how they can benefit you.

Adjustable beds

The majority of seniors lack the ability to find a comfortable position when lying or sitting in bed, or they may find it difficult to switch between these two positions. With an adjustable bed the action of moving between sitting and lying positions can be achieved easily by the push of a button. This practical solution is safe and simple to use, providing peace of mind that your loved one will be cared for appropriately.

Bed side rails

Getting in and out of bed may have been difficult even when you were younger if you were not much of an early bird, but this seemingly simple act can become even more difficult if your muscular strength has decreased due to aging. For this, there is the option of bed side rails that provide a secure means of getting in and out of bed. This piece of equipment is vital in nursing homes for many elderly people as it leaves users safe in the knowledge that they will be secure during a night’s sleep.

Overbed trays and tables

We all like to read a good book before going to sleep and reading the morning papers, but this can prove difficult and uncomfortable for senior people. Thankfully, overbed trays and tables provide a simple solution to this problem, by giving elderly people the chance to read, write and eat when they are in bed. Models are also adjustable and can be fitted around your needs.

Back rests

This is a relatively cheap means of settling into a sitting or lying position, being that the back rests are adjustable, simple to use and available at a reasonable price. This provides optimum levels of comfort for the user, and the majority of models can be folded away for storage needs.

Pillows and cushions

There is a range of pillows and cushions available to fit the needs of senior people in nursing homes or private residences. These include leg cushions for maintaining a relaxed posture, orthopedic pillows for supporting the head and neck, and prop-up bed wedges which allow you to prop up in bed with ease.

The range of beds and bedrooms accessories for the elderly and disabled does not end there, as there are several other mobility aids intended to improve comfort and accessibility in the bedroom. The important thing is to make sure that the aids chosen are specific to the elderly person’s needs and requirements.

This is a guest post by Carol Robinson from Manage at Home where you can learn more about a range of mobility aids and disability aids for inside and outside the home.




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