Is Social Media Ruining Our Minds?

At Assisted Living Today, we take great interest in topics and research surrounding the human mind, particularly when it comes to memory and Alzheimer’s care.  One recent phenomenon that is having a profound effect on how the brain behaves and evolves is social media. Scientists have begun to study the impact that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus may be having on our minds and the news isn’t good. Studies reveal that social networking is dramatically impacting cognitive behaviors, such as multitasking skills, our ability (or inability) to focus and the chemical effect on the brain of social media addiction, to name a few.

To help illustrate these findings, we’ve created an infographic called “How Social Media is Ruining  Our Minds.” To view the infographic and even share it with others on your website, go to:

“How Social Media is Ruining Our Minds Infographic”

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