Multi-Position Tilt and Overbed Table Review

Your lap is never a suitable table. Whether you’re working at a computer, crafting or eating a meal, you need a good table that’s big and sturdy enough to support your activity. For people confined to a bed or wheelchair, or who simply spend many hours a day seated, their lap or a unstable TV stand are not acceptable options.

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Reviewers have applauded the Multi-Position Tilt and Overbed Table for it’s usefulness and store-ability when not in use. Among the table’s many features, the flexibility in positioning seems to be most pleasing. Overall, the table’s features include:

  • A table mast that is foldable in three positions, from flat–able to be stored under a bed–to upright and extended within a person’s reach.
  • A pivot feature allowing the table top to be positioned closer to individuals in a bed, seated at an armchair, or in a wheelchair.
  • Tilting angle so that the table top tilts with the angle of the mast, providing an absolutely flat surface regardless of the mast’s angle.
  • Four solid, 2″ casters, two of which are lock-able.

At its highest, the table stands 37″. It can lower to just 30″ high. The desk surface is large–24″ across–able to accommodate any laptop computer and accessories or provide optimal space for crafting or activities.

A few users commented on the size of the table’s base, which is 26.5″ across, saying that it was slightly cumbersome and got in the way. However, the width of the base is what makes the table very stable and sturdy. And although the packaging indicates that no assembly is needed, there are a few parts to assemble in order to use the table.

Coming in at just under $105.00 on, users say there are few other tables on the market that work the same way, and none with the ability to fold flat for storage. When you already have a room crowded with people, additional medical equipment or just a small space, it’s great to be able to fold the table flat and store it easily.

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