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Medical Home Model (Proven Health Navigator System) Interview with Joann Sciandra of Geisinger Health System

We recently had an opportunity to Joann Sciandra is the Director of Case Managment and Strategic Development for the Geisinger Health Plan.  In 2006, GHP and Geisinger Health System initiated a Medical Home model, or Proven Health Navigator system, to help provide GHP patients and those within the Geisinger Health System and inclusive opportunity for care.  It has helped […]

Medicaid Definition

Medicaid is a United States government assistance program designed to provide health benefits to certain individuals and families who are suffering from financial difficulty due to low income. State and federal governments contribute jointly to fund the Medicaid program, while each individual state runs the program. To be eligible to receive Medicaid benefits people must […]

Look Back Penalty Definition

The “look-back period” is the time before a person applies for Medicaid. During this time, asset transfers will be inspected with minute detail. A transfer within the look-back period will be questioned and, if something of equal value was not received in return, a look back penalty will be applied, which will prevent the person […]

Life Settlement Definition

A life settlement is the payment received when a life insurance customer sells his or her life insurance policy. Seniors may find themselves in need of income to pay for their expenses or health care, but with no way to pay those costs as their regular income is fixed, via retirement payouts or Social Security. […]

Life Care Contract Definition

A life care contract is a legal agreement between two individuals. It includes all levels of care for the life of the recipient. Life care includes skilled nursing and can include bathing, shopping, errands, help with bills and activities. The fees for the life care contract will not change. The contract offers the recipient a […]

Hospice Definition

Hospice is a philosophy of compassionate care that provides comfort for terminally ill patients when curative treatments are no longer an option. The focus of hospice is palliative care, which emphasizes improving a patient’s quality of life by easing their symptoms. Patients and their families may also receive counseling and spiritual support. Hospice care can […]

Memory Impairment Q & A with Merilee Griffin of Memo Touch

We recently interviewed Merilee Griffin, PHD, the founder and president  of Memo Touch. Dr. Griffin developed Memo as an interactive device to help those with memory impairment maintain their independence as long as possible while helping to lessen the demands placed upon caregivers.  She cared for her mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s and recognized that there was a need for a simplistic and […]

Home Care Aides/Personal Care Aides Definition

Home Care Aides and/or Personal Care Aides are people who’s occupation is to help an elderly or a disabled person in their home. They assist the client by helping them with their hygiene. They can help the client with bathing, washing their face and combing their hair. They also can cook for the client and […]

Geriatric Care Manager Definition

A Geriatric Care Manager is a social services or nursing professional who coordinates the care of a geriatric individual, including the family, friends and other health care professionals. Most geriatric care managers have had both education and training specific to working with the elderly and helping them maximize and maintain their level of independence. A […]

Geriatric Assessment Definition

A comprehensive geriatric assessment covers a lot more than a routine medical exam done on younger patients. The assessment will also cover all aspects affecting the life of a patient, such as emotional, sexual, social, mental, and cognitive abilities. The living environment of the elderly patient is also evaluated for any possibility of elder abuse, […]