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Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLBs) – how it differs from Traditional Dementia in the Elderly

Dementia affects a staggering 24 million people worldwide, and can have a crushing effect on family, friends and finances. Dementia isn’t a single disease, but rather a name for the loss brain function, especially cognitive function, that is associated with a variety of different illnesses. In the elderly, dementia is most commonly caused by Alzheimer’s […]

Top 20 Assisted Living Facilities in Pennsylvania

Renowned for its historical sites, large cities and Amish farming regions, Pennsylvania is the perfect place to get a taste of what America is all about. The state is also home to a range of top-notch assisted living facilities which now  fall under the umbrella of “personal care” homes. This re-categorization has caused some confusion […]

Finding the Best Lutheran Assisted Living Facility in Your Area

The first National Lutheran Home for the Aged was founded in 1890 to offer comfortable housing to elderly adults regardless of their economic or religious background. This commitment to caring for seniors from all walks of life continues today. Lutheran assisted living facilities have established a reputation for offering not-for-profit care in a secure, homelike […]

Preventing Bruising in the Elderly

Our skin gets thinner as we grow older, and this causes the elderly to bruise easily. It may take only minor bumps or brushes against something to cause bruises. It can be months before the marks heal. Some medications contribute to bruising in the elderly. Prescription blood thinners and over-the-counter medicines can cause the blood […]

Spotlight On: Fuller Village

Fuller Village at Milton is more than just a senior living retirement. It’s an experience in living. Each and every member of the Fuller Village community is encouraged to live their lives to the fullest; making the most of each new day. With Milton Massachusetts being recognized by Money Magazine as one of the top […]

Handicapped Vans Give You Freedom To Travel

If you’re living with a disability that makes walking difficult or you need a wheel chair than you already know that it can complicate getting from point A to point B. Buses have sections that can be adjusted to fit wheelchairs but it takes a few minutes to set up. Depending on where you live […]

Spotlight On: The Atwater at McLean Memory Care Assisted Living

Located in a separate and safe neighborhood within the McLean Assisted Living Center, The Atwater at McLean provides a compassionate, inspiring, person-centered memory care assisted lifestyle. Our small, personal setting allows residents to live each day in a stimulating environment best suited to their individual needs. It features: 23 private and deluxe suites Balcony off the […]

The Eye Test – Alzheimer’s Disease Detection at The Most Crucial Point

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive, debilitating condition that is characterized by significant loss of memory. It is the most common form of dementia, and affects millions of people around the world. With no known cause or cure, it is quite understandable that Alzheimer’s remains a subject of much research and debate in the medical community. […]

The Three Best Ways to Find Income Based Apartments for Seniors

Finding affordable housing for seniors can often be a difficult task, especially when financial resources are extremely limited. One possible avenue is to check into income based apartments for seniors that consider tenants’ income when determining the amount of the monthly rent. There are three potential resources that can provide help in locating available income […]

Fighting Back the Fear of Falling

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” was a catchphrase popularized in the late 80s and early 90s based on a series of commercials aimed at getting elderly television viewers to purchase medical alarms. It would later go on to be used as a source of comedic relief by such iconic television characters like Steve […]