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DRIVE Patient Alarm Review

Caring for or living with a senior citizen who has trouble functioning or getting around can be an involving and difficult process. In many cases these seniors, even those with no mental or health risks beyond age, require nearly constant supervision to avoid tragedy. They are often too physically impaired to walk on their own […]

LogicMark Guardian Alert Emergency Phone: Review

The LogicMark Guardian Alert Emergency Phone system is not just an emergency phone system for the home, but it is peace of mind that you cannot get anywhere else. The features of the phone system are such that you can use it for any purpose and with any person. What to Expect When you purchase […]

Top 25 Assisted Living Facilities in California

California is the largest U.S. state by population, and offers something for everyone. Southern California is home to Disneyland, Hollywood and the beaches in Malibu boast glitz, glamor and gorgeous seascapes, while the northern part of the Golden State has the hills of San Francisco and the lush vineyards of Napa Valley. Outside California’s major […]

How to Create Retirement Plan With Assisted Living in Mind

Planning for retirement can be difficult. There are many variables to consider and many things that can change as you age. When planning for retirement it is important to make sure that you plan for a normal standard of living but it is also important to include some extras. Most people do not like to […]

How to Budget For Assisted Living Costs

As we grow old, the need for senior care approaches. While it is possible to stay home with family, relatives or close friends, most seniors and retirees choose to live by themselves either for independence or to avoid burdening their loved ones. However, what most people are not prepared for is the cost of senior […]

How To Prepare Grandchildren For a Visit To An Assisted Living Facility

It’s important to have granchildren and great-grandchildren visit their loved ones in an assisted living facility. Although it can be challenging at times, having children around can brighten the days of not only their own relatives, but of everyone at the facility. A visit from grandkids can completely alter the mood of their struggling grandparents […]

Subsidized Senior Housing – 5 Tips for Securing Safe, Affordable Subsidized Senior Housing in a Down Economy

Securing safe and affordable subsidized senior housing can feel daunting. Here are five subsidized senior housing tips to help you find the right match: 1. Plan In Advance Of Senior Housing Needs The most important tip for seniors looking for affordable subsidized senior housing is to plan in advance of your housing needs. Current homeowners […]

What is the Geriatric Depression Scale and What Can You Do if You Suspect your Elder Relative is Depressed?

It is not unusual for older adults who have debilitating health conditions and loss of independence to feel depressed. Depression may also affect older adults because of situations such as limited financial resources, or  grief from loss of their friends or older relatives. This is why, for a patient of any age, it’s important to […]

Benefits for Veterans – Assisted Living Costs and Expenses for Veterans

According to the most recent census, there are approximately 21.8 million veterans in the United States, 9 million of which are over the age of 65. For elderly veterans, finding the resources to continue to live in their own home, or provide for veterans assisted living can be a challenge. It is important to realize […]

Announcing the “Gaming with Granny” Infographic

We’ve just released our latest infographic, titled “Gaming with Granny,” which takes a look at the growing trend of senior gaming. Did you know that senior citizens and Baby Boomers make up 38% of all social game players? And that number is only going to continue to rise in coming years. The infographic also looks […]