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Legal Services for the Elderly: Where and When to Start

Older adults will eventually encounter age-specific issues which can require legal services. But at what point should you seek legal advice, and for which situations? Is it to make end-of-life decisions or for income-related advice and support? Perhaps it is due to hardships related to consumer-related problems because unfortunately, many seniors fall prey to scams […]

The Sharper Image Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager Review

Holiday gift-giving is at its best when you’re giving comfort. Give your loved one a relaxing, heated foot massage–any time he or she wants one–with the Sharper Image deep kneading Shiatsu foot massager. Combining the ancient Asian principles of Shiatsu with the stimulating practice of acupressure, this foot massager revives, refreshes and warms your feet. […]

Role Reversal: Cohabitating with an Elderly Parent

As the population continues to age, few things become more apparent than seniors’ desire for independence coupled with wanting to stay in their own homes. It’s a comfort thing: Most people want to grow old in their home, surrounded by their personal belongings and memories. Not to mention, the exorbitant costs associated with care outside […]

Assisted Living Today’s Weekly Roundup

The signs are everywhere, from the Salvation Army bell ringers to the garland in the stores, Christmas is on its way. Hopefully we all take a little time to remember Thanksgiving and count the blessings in our lives. Leave your comments–do you think Thanksgiving is overlooked these days? Have you turned on your holiday tunes? […]

Sennheiser RS120 Over-Ear 900MHz Wireless RF Headphones with Charging Cradle Review

There are times you just want to hear the TV clearly, or listen to your favorite music without other audible interruptions. Especially in an assisted living setting, where people gather and talk, or if residents share a room, it can be difficult to focus on one sound. Tune out the outside noise and tune in […]

8 Tips for Talking To Your Parents About Assisted Living

Having “the talk” can be difficult, emotional, scary. But putting off the subject for another time might leave you with no time for pre-planning. If you’re considering talking to your parents about assisted living (and you probably should be), here are a few tips. 1. If you have siblings, discuss the assisted living option with […]

Top 5 Ways for Seniors to Stay Active…Even During the Winter!

Exercising regularly has important benefits for seniors, but when the winter comes, many resort to sitting on the couch and watching TV for lack of something else to do. Just because the temperatures have dropped, doesn’t mean your activity level has to! Here are some great ways to stay active during the winter season, without […]

Top Assisted Living Facilities in New Jersey

You’ll put a lot of thought into where to go next, or where your loved one will be most comfortable. Many factors are on the table for consideration: is the care top quality? Are the facilities clean and comfortable? Are there activities to stimulate and entertain? Will I or my loved one feel at home? […]

Spotlight on Arbor Grove Assisted Living

This spotlight will focus on the Arbor Grove Assisted Living community located in Alma, Michigan. This facility is one of several homes owned and operated throughout the state of Michigan by the Leisure Living Management Corporation. Located on a beautifully landscaped property in the heart of Michigan, this this area maintains its rural charm while continuing […]

Denise Brown: Owner and Operator Interview

Denise began working with family caregivers in 1990 and started her own business to help them in 1994. She sent out the first issue of her monthly print publication, Caregiving!, in January 1995. She discontinued the print publication in 2005 to concentrate solely on online content. She regularly speaks about the family caregiver experience; you […]