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Resources in Your State’s Department of Aging – helpful tips for Caregivers

In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Older Americans Act into law. The OAA created specific objectives designed to maintain the welfare and dignity of the aging population. The OAA also created a grants system that allowed both federal and state agencies to organize, coordinate and deliver community-based resources for senior citizens. Under the OAA, […]

What is the Geriatric Depression Scale and What Can You Do if You Suspect your Elder Relative is Depressed?

It is not unusual for older adults who have debilitating health conditions and loss of independence to feel depressed. Depression may also affect older adults because of situations such as limited financial resources, or  grief from loss of their friends or older relatives. This is why, for a patient of any age, it’s important to […]

Benefits for Veterans – Assisted Living Costs and Expenses for Veterans

According to the most recent census, there are approximately 21.8 million veterans in the United States, 9 million of which are over the age of 65. For elderly veterans, finding the resources to continue to live in their own home, or provide for veterans assisted living can be a challenge. It is important to realize […]

Announcing the “Gaming with Granny” Infographic

We’ve just released our latest infographic, titled “Gaming with Granny,” which takes a look at the growing trend of senior gaming. Did you know that senior citizens and Baby Boomers make up 38% of all social game players? And that number is only going to continue to rise in coming years. The infographic also looks […]

5 Tips for Finding the Best Senior Living Properties for Your Lifestyle

Senior living properties are designed to be diverse to meet the needs of any senior and his or her family. Although many seniors need highly specialized medical care or help with daily tasks, some simply need activities and events to keep them connected or the opportunity to communicate with others on a daily basis. The […]

AARP Insurance – What Are the Benefits of AARP Insurance?

AARP is a privately owned group found in the United States. It was originally called the American Association of Retired Persons but is now simply called AARP. It was begun in 1958, and its general purpose through the years has been to serve those who are over the age of fifty and to provide benefits […]

The Three Most Common Types of Dementia and Their Differences

For anyone who is responsible for the care of someone suffering from dementia it is important to know about the different types of dementia, and what particular form of the disease he or she is dealing with. Whether a healthcare professional or a family member, the more that is known about the disease the better […]

5 Tips for Preventing Dehydration in the Elderly

Dehydration in the elderly is a serious widespread condition that is easily overlooked. Thankfully, there are a number of small and easy steps to take that make it possible to prevent dehydration in the elderly and avoid further health complications as a result. Here are 5 tips for preventing dehydration in the elderly, whether at […]

5 Ways to Alleviate Family Stress when Moving Elderly Parents

With an expected elderly population of over 55 million by the year 2020, making decisions about a parent’s elderly care is a harsh reality that many adult children will have to face in the coming years. Moving elderly parents into an assisted living center isn’t always the easiest choice, but the reality is that it […]

Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLBs) – how it differs from Traditional Dementia in the Elderly

Dementia affects a staggering 24 million people worldwide, and can have a crushing effect on family, friends and finances. Dementia isn’t a single disease, but rather a name for the loss brain function, especially cognitive function, that is associated with a variety of different illnesses. In the elderly, dementia is most commonly caused by Alzheimer’s […]

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