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Standers Able Tray Review

Sitting down and standing up can become a real chore when joints are stiff and achy or your balance is off. Your favorite chair, couch or recliner is not off limits when you have the Standers Able Tray, a multi-use tool that attaches sturdily to your sofa, chair or even lift chair. Its first job […]

Assisted Living Today’s Weekly Roundup

This past week was one for the history books: the re-election of President Barak Obama and the Dow’s 313-point plunge. Look to hear more about the Affordable Care Act, Dodd-Frank and how we’ll wade through the post-election divide. One thing we’d likely all vote yes on: hurrah to no more political ads! Here at Assisted […]

Interview with Sheri Samotin

  Interviewer: So we can go ahead and get onto talking, today, about advanced planning and making some smart financial and planning decisions as people enter late adulthood. Sheri, I wonder if you could briefly introduce yourself and tell us a little about where your expertise lies. Sheri:  Certainly, my name is Sheri Samotin and […]

Top 20 College Courses for Senior Care

In universities and colleges across the country, courses and degree programs in gerontology, the study of the social, psychological and biological aspects of aging, are on the rise. By 2030, the Administration in Aging predicts there will be more than 72 million senior citizens in the United States–up from 39 million in 2009. Demand for […]

Movember: Raising Awareness for Men’s Health, One Moustache at a Time!

As the month of November rolls along, you may begin to notice more moustaches. That’s because it’s Movember–a month-long grassroots movement to raise awareness about men’s health issues, including mental health, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. By simply growing a moustache, men’s faces become walking billboards touting the importance of men’s health. Men’s life expectancies […]

Assisted Living Today’s Weekly Roundup

It seems all eyes were pointed East, as the nation watched Superstorm Sandy bear down on the Eastern coast. In its wake, millions without power, tremendous loss of property, loss of life and rescues up and down the coast. Naturally, the web was abuzz with storm coverage. Many of the stories in our Weekly Roundup […]

The Difference a Year Makes

With the holiday season approaching, families will soon be gathering to celebrate together. Today with more miles separating us from our loved ones due to job commitments, many people may only see their elderly parents or relatives at this time of year. A year can be a long time and many elderly heath issues including […]

Startling Statistics Concerning Suicide among Elderly Men

Studies have shown a startling trend in the increase of suicides among older adults, which has brought the subject of elderly mental health into the spotlight. Statistics from the National Institute of Mental Health show that suicide among older adults is more common than most realize and more disproportionate to suicides committed by any other […]

Assisted Living Today’s Weekly Roundup

Halloween isn’t just for kids! A Halloween superstore in Winston-Salem, NC, notes the number of customers in their 60s and 70s this year buying costume supplies. Popular themes include hippie clothes, accessories and other nostalgic items. Do you have a costume picked out for the big day? Assisted Living Today watches the trends and topics […]

Reader’s Night Stand Review

Piles by the bedside are both unsightly and potentially dangerous. The more that books and magazines pile up, the better the chances everything will topple over. Plus, with all of those reading materials stacked alongside a bed, there’s little space available for a clock, glass of water, tissue box, lip balm, pills, the T.V. remote […]