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5 Things Caregivers Must Know About Elder Care Law

Caring for the elderly is a difficult task. It is physically demanding and emotionally challenging. The closer you are to the elderly person, the more difficult you may find the job. It’s hard watching someone who used to take care of you wither and slide as age and disease begin to take their toll. Hiring […]

Senior Care Spotlight: Alzheimer’s and Dementias by Terry Townsend

Today’s senior care spotlight is a Website that was created to provide as much information and help as possible to those with a degenerative mind disease of any kind and to make available Terry Townsend’s book titled “Living Alone With Dementia/Alzheimer’s” (How to Keep Your Loved One in Their home as Long as Possible). In […]

5 Key Benefits of Assisted vs. Unassisted Senior Home Living

Continued growth in the elderly population, and the chronic diseases strongly associated with aging, is an inevitable byproduct of modern healthcare systems. The conventional choice for long-term care of the elderly, especially those experiencing a loss of self-efficacy due to disease, has been the nursing home. These facilities carry a lot of stigma though, both […]

Elder Care Law Interview – Matt Parker on Elderly Law & Senior Legal Issues

In the interview below Matt Parker of Marshall, Parker & Associates LLC. You can find a collection of useful links and resources related to elderly care law on the Marshall Parker and Associates site, and Matt shares a ton of helpful information on elderly care legal issues in the interview below. You can play the […]

3 Simple Ways to Prevent a UTI in Elderly Women

Urinary tract infections, or UTI’s, are more than a painful medical condition. Left untreated, these infections can spread through the body. The leading cause of sepsis, an undiagnosed and untreated UTI can ultimately result in death. For caregivers of elderly patients, learning how to recognize a UTI can be tricky as the symptoms are varied. […]

Medicare Cuts May Force Doctors to Turn Away Patients

The Battle is just beginning For millions of baby boomers about to turn 65 and begin utilizing their Medicare benefits, the battle of finding a physician who accepts the government-run health care plan may be just beginning. With ‘Obamacare’ politics having significantly affected Medicare, some physicians are refusing to accept or are significantly limiting the […]

Seniors in Assisted Living Facilities Could Be Evicted when Funds Dry Up

Budget talks are consuming. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do or where you live, financial uncertainty will affect you one way or another, this includes patients in assisted living facilities. As states prepare for the 2012 fiscal year to begin, many have made budgetary changes to their Medicaid program.  Some of which […]

Hospice & Assisted Living – Hospice Care Combined with Assisted Living

It has long been thought that when a resident at an assisted living facility is declining in health, the only option is to give up their “home” and enter a nursing home.  But, this isn’t necessarily the case.  For many terminal patients their final wish is to die at home, and for many home is […]

AFA Teens Interview – Interview with Alzheimer’s Foundation of America for Teens Carol Steinberg

Carol Steinberg of AFA Teens was kind enough to spend some time with us recently – below is the audio from the interview she gave us as well as a transcript. Carol offers some great tips for teenage relatives of people dealing with Alzheimer’s. AFA Teens is a site dedicated to mobilizing teens nationwide to […]

The Best Blogs for Seniors – Best Senior Living and Elderly Care Blogs

When seeking advice about senior care, assisted living, healthcare or caregiving, the web is full of information.  Many sites are designed by professional experts and those who are experts of circumstance.  These blogs span the realm of senior oriented material, from the tech savvy senior to the caregiver raising their children while caring for their […]

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