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Interview with Julia Soto Lebentritt

Julia Soto Lebentritt is a ‘lullabologist’ and the owner of Spontaneous Care Communications. She has spent her career recording, presenting and producing lullabies from the many cultures that make up our American society is commended for clarification of the lullaby as a genre and exploration of multicultural settings.  As an elder care case manager, bereavement […]

Top Assisted Living Facilities in Oregon

Oregon boasts one of the most diverse geographies of all the states of the U.S. The Cascade Mountains provide rugged, beautiful scenery. The Willamette Valley, home to Portland and bordering the coastline, includes rich, fertile farmland. Wherever you choose to retire in Oregon, you’re sure to look out on a beautiful view. An array of […]

Announcing the Winners of the 2013 ALTY Awards

We’ve got some big news! Winners for The 2013 ALTY Awards have been decided. You the voters have spoken and you’ve chosen this year’s best senior care and assisted living blog posts and articles from across eight different awards categories. And you spoke loudly, with almost 5,000 votes being cast over the course of the […]

What’s the Best Age to Start Thinking about Retirement?

Retirement is an important topic, especially as people get older. It may seem like worrying about retirement is only for older people; however, this is a common misconception. While most people can’t retire until they are in their sixties or seventies, thinking about retiring should start as soon as you start working. The government benefits […]

Announcing the 2013 ALTY Blog Awards

Welcome to the second annual Assisted Living Today Blog Awards, aka The ALTY Awards! The ALTY Awards is our annual blog awards event that honors the best articles and blog posts from across the assisted living and senior care industry from the past year. The way the ALTYs work is our panel of writers from […]

Announcing the “How Long Will We Live” Infographic

We’ve just released our latest infographic, “How Long Will We Live?” The infographic takes a look at human life expectancy and why we’re living longer and longer ever year, all due to advances in medicine, progressive technologies and leading healthier lifestyles. Imagine living until you’re 150 or even 1000 years old? Scientists say it’s not […]

Top Assisted Living Facilities in Virginia

From mountains to beaches to quiet countryside and bustling cities, Virginia offers a wide range of living environments. Within those choices are a host of assisted living and senior care facilities, offering independent, assisted living and specialized nursing care for residents with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other advanced health issues. Some of the facilities on this […]

Assisted Living Today Weekly Roundup

We’re two weeks into the New Year–have you been sticking with your resolutions? According to StatisticBrain, nearly half of all Americans (45%) make resolutions and only about 8% successfully live those resolutions. But just two weeks in, about 71% are still working at them! You can do it! Here at Assisted Living Today, we resolve […]

Top Assisted Living Facilities in Alabama

Alabama is a great state for seniors, thanks to its warm climate, laid-back residents and welcoming communities. With mild winters, plenty of access to recreational activities (including miles of beachfront) and a host of inviting assisted living facilities to choose from, seniors who choose Alabama for their golden years can maintain active, healthy lifestyles for […]

Seniors: Don’t Settle for Less Sleep!

It doesn’t take a room full of researchers to tell you that if you don’t sleep well, you don’t feel well. And yet, many people drag on day after day with insufficient sleep, thinking, “I’m getting older, I guess this is part of it.” A lack of sleep is not something you should just accept […]