Progressive Neurological Condition Definition

Progressive neurological disorders are conditions that get worse as time goes on. These types of illnesses usually impact the person for their entire life. Types of diseases include Parkinson’s disease, multiply sclerosis, and motor neuron disease. In geriatrics the most common form of a progressive disease is Alzheimer’s. The main culprits for degenerating disease can be defective brain cells. The conditions can sometimes be genetic. The use of illegal substances and alcohol can also damage brain cells, as well as toxic or chemical environments. Once brain cells have been damaged they cannot be repaired.

When the need for assisted living is necessary there are many facilities well trained in providing care for those suffering from progressive neurological disorders. Since damaged brain cells are permanent an experienced facility will concentrate on creating a comfortable environment for the patient. Treating the patients conditions are done best by helping to relieve and reduce the severity of symptoms.

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