Should Home Care Be the New Hospital?

Today’s featured senior care article is another great post originally published on the Ankota Home Care Blog and reprinted here with Ankota’s permission. Ankota provides home care software and blogs about home care best practices, entrepreneurship and technology.

A very interesting article entitled “Why one-third of hospitals will close by 2020,” by David Houle and Jonathan Fleece recently appeared on the website  Some of the key points raised about why one-third of the hospitals will close are as follows:

  • Health-Care is too Expensive, and hospitals are among the most expensive part
  • Hospitals are dangerous: 100,000 preventable deaths each year (the equivalent of 200 747 airplane crashes)
  • Customer Service in Hospitals is Abysmal – averaging 4 hour waits in emergency rooms
  • Transparency is Coming – people will be able to see which hospitals are better than others and the losers will go out of business

Whether the above prediction is right or wrong, for me it begs the question of Where will the Hospital Be?  My answer is that home care will be the new hospital.  Here’s why:

  • Home Care is less expensive
  • Home Care is safer for two reasons: care at home avoids the dangerous travel to and from the hospital, and staying home avoids exposure to infection
  • Home Care customer service is personal and attentive

There’s a great future for home care, and we’re glad to be part of it!

Ankota provides software to improve the delivery of care outside the hospital. Today Ankota services home health, private duty care, DME Delivery, RT, Physical Therapy and Home Infusion organizations, and is interested in helping to efficiently manage other forms of care. To learn more, please visit or contact Ankota.

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