The Best Blogs for Seniors – Best Senior Living and Elderly Care Blogs

When seeking advice about senior care, assisted living, healthcare or caregiving, the web is full of information.  Many sites are designed by professional experts and those who are experts of circumstance.  These blogs span the realm of senior oriented material, from the tech savvy senior to the caregiver raising their children while caring for their parents.

So, we put together a list of some of the best elder care blogs out there written for the common good: to provide information to make aging a little less frightening.  We tried to offer a brief description and a sampling of three good posts from each blog so people can get a quick feel for the content. We’d like to have this be a “living” resource that’s consistently updated over time.  If we missed your blog or one worthy of being included, please let us know.

And, finally, we’ve created what we think is a very useful tool for anyone looking for information about elderly care or senior living: a custom search engine that will only return content from this list of sources. This is valuable because you’ll be able to look up information on senior living, and know that you’re weeding out any low-quality sources of information and only getting information back from these high quality resources. Simply type in any topic or question below, just as you would if you went to to search for something:


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Minding Our Elders

Carol Bradley Bursack developed Minding Our Elders after caring for a neighbor and six family members.  She wanted to show the human side of caregiving to gerontology and nursing home administration students.  Carol includes helpful resources, links and agencies geared toward caregivers.

3 of our favorite posts from Minding Our Elders

Inside Elder Care

Ryan Malone developed the “by families, for families” approach to elder care after an arduous experience with his own mother.  His goal has been simple: to educate and inspire families to make elder care a positive experience.  As the author of several elder care books, Malone uses excerpts to illustrate his family approach.  He is also a public speaker and marketing consultant

3 of our favorite posts form Inside Elder Care

Alzheimer’s Speaks

Authored by Lori La Bey, Alzheimer’s Speaks is geared for healthcare professionals and the general public.  Providing information on services, tools, concepts and products surrounding Alzheimer’s disease, the blog shares in the organization’s mission of “Shifting society’s negative perception of aging and illness, by getting individuals and businesses to appreciate and embrace the gifts wrapped in every stage of life.”  La Bey hopes to bring awareness to the disease while helping those in need.

3 of our favorite posts from Alzheimer’s Speaks

 Seniors for Living  

3 of our favorite posts from Seniors for Living

Everyone is Aging  

The Everyone is Aging blog is built on the premise that everyone is aging.  The blog’s author and founder Steve Gurney is a 20-year elder care veteran. Taking his professional expertise to the web, Gurney intends to show that people of all ages and abilities can live and work together.  Through his posts and reader comments he hopes to inspire people to think differently about aging.

3 of our favorite posts form Everyone is Aging

Aging with Grace

Patricia Grace, founder and CEO of Aging with Grace, writes Care Connections, a blog intended to help caregivers connect with others who are feeling overwhelmed in caring for their loved ones and are facing eldercare challenges and issues.  Here you will find advice and stories from caregivers from across North America.

3 of our favorite posts form Aging with Grace

The New Old Age

The New Old Age: Caring and Coping, brought to you by the New York Times, explores the challenges facing Baby Boomers who are finding themselves caring for their aging parents.   Paula Span, along with several other contributing editors, examines the world of caregiving, writing on current events, personal experiences and the latest trends in elder care.

3 of our favorite posts form The New Old Age Blog

The blog takes a closer look at relevant industry news on senior issues and senior housing trends and examines the implications on senior citizens, caregivers and medical providers.  Posts also include marketing tactics, tips and trends for senior-living providers.

3 of our favorite posts form Blog

Assisted Living Directory Blog

As the blog for the Assisted Living Directory, there is no limit to the topics discussed, except of course that they should be regarding assisted living, senior news, happenings and current events.  Posts include tips and advice on the best options for long-term care, in-home care and elder care in general.

3 of our favorite posts form Assisted Living Directory Blog

Silver Census

3 of our favorite posts form Silver Census

Graceful Aging

Graceful Aging is a series of video blogs for seniors and caregivers by those who want make every day a little better.  Chock full of timely advice, compelling narratives and captivating opinions, Graceful Aging’s goal is to publish videos that enhance life.

3 of our favorite posts form Graceful Aging

Regarding Your Aging Parents

Based out of Boston’s South Shore, Regarding your Aging Parents provides resources for local residents who are helping to care their loved ones.  As two baby boomers taking care of their aging parents, the authors hope to provide their readers with contact information and support for others in their area.  Posts also include relevant news and industry trends surrounding aging in place.

3 of our favorite posts from Regarding Your Aging Parents

Imagine Age

This comprehensive blog of videos, narratives, news and views, brings baby boomers together in one forum.  Designed and moderated by a boomer, Imagine Age welcomes reader responses and strives to create an environment of lively discussions. Topics include, among others,  healthcare, aging, lifestyles and current events.

3 of our favorite posts from Imagine Age

The Connected Caregiver

With the goal of allowing their loved ones to age in place , the authors of The Connected Caregiver share their secrets of maintaining a happy home with intergenerational members.  Also included in the blog is the latest eldercare news and hot topics.

3 of our favorite posts form The Connected Caregiver

Knitting Doc

The Knitting Doc emotional blog about the trials and tribulations of a psychiatrist afflicted with Lewy Body Dementia.  Follow Dr. David and his wife Pamela through the progression of this debilitating disease.  In addition to his first-hand account of LBD, the blog also offers some pearls of wisdom for all of humanity.

3 of our favorite posts from KnittingDoc

Marshall Elder and Estate Planning Blog

Providing financial planning information and elder law advice, Marshal Elder and Estate Planning is an ideal blog for the non-lawyer caregiver.  Posts include information on program and policy changes, planning advice and general news regarding elder law.

For Caregivers

After years of dedicated caregiving to her mother, Carmie Travers and her husband, Jerry, maintain For Caregivers: Resources and Information that Empower Caregivers.  The site is helps caregivers with advice and information to help them “soldier” on, demonstrating their love and commitment to their aging or ill loved one.

Seniors Aloud

This is an open forum where members are invited to share what it is important to them.  From news and views to relevant lifestyle narratives, this blog lends itself to more off-beat topics, but is also full of great healthcare, retirement and baby boomer information.  Many of the blogs also include video posts to better illustrate the writer’s views.

Holly Eburne

Holly Eburne is not only a caregiver by trade but one of circumstance as well. At just 57, Holly’s husband was diagnosed with a dementia and after allowing the emotions to take control of her life, Holy found a way to regain control.  Her blog offers stories of inspiration, tips and industry insight.

3 of our favorite posts form Holly Eburne:

Aging Wisely

Up-to-date news on senior topics and health care, along with caregiver advice and tips round out this blog by Florida’s Elder Care Services.   The mission of which is to help those they work with live the most fulfilling life possible, with utmost dignity, focusing on their physical, mental, spiritual, family and financial wellbeing.

3 of our favorite posts form Aging Wisely:

Sandra Haymon

Dr. Sandra Haymon, a licensed psychologist and the author of “Baby Boomers—Sandwiched between Retirement & Caring,” found herself with little information and now where to turn when she “inherited two adults in diapers.”  Her posts include personal experiences of caring for loved ones, experiences of other caregivers and the industry’s latest research.

3 of our favorite posts form Sandra Haymon:

Patti’s Blog

Lawyer Patricia Kefalas began her blog as a way to share information on her law practice where she focuses on advocacy for people with disabilities, seniors and their families.  She also shares her own personal view on life, family and her personal interests

3 of our favorite posts from Patti’s Blog:

Age Wise Living

Barbara E. Freisner is an expert on issues surrounding seniors and their families. The blog and her website are designed to offer support, counseling and advice to those who are caring for their aging loved ones.  Age Wise Living helps caregivers balance life and work, deal with power struggles of an aging parent and embrace the culture of the sandwich generation

3 of our favorite posts from Age Wise Living:

Medicare Solutions Blog

The Medicare Solutions Blog offers information on health insurance, Medicare and issues surrounding health reform and politics impacting seniors.  The timely posts are intended to help seniors make informed decisions about healthcare, insurance and political issues.

3 of our favorite posts from Medicare Solutions Blog:

Transition Aging Parents

Transition Aging Parents asks three important questions: Are you confused about caring for aging parents? Are you struggling with siblings on choices for mom and dad? Are you torn between caring for your parents or yourself?   If you answered yes, this blog has the information you need.  Posts include topic ranging from caregiver support to technology that can aid in care.

3 of our favorite posts from Transition Aging Parents:

The Intentional Caregiver

Author Shelley Webb shares her personal and professional caregiving advice in this source for educational materials, support and strategies designed to enable caregivers.  It is her hope to help caregivers create an easier, less stressful and rewarding life while offering support and care to their loved ones.

3 of our favorite posts from The Intentional Caregiver

MyOptum Health – Seniors’ Health

This blog is full of the latest news information surrounding senior health and lifestyles issues.  From the latest research to the newest treatments to heart healthy activities, MyOptum Health has a wide variety of posts to peak just about anyone’s interest.

3 of our favorite posts from MyOptum health—Seniors’ Health:

BMA Management Blog

BMA Management provides relevant insider news surrounding elder care, including assisted living information, caregiving, senior health and regulatory updates.  BMA Management is one of the top assisted living management companies and helps older adults find appropriate housing regardless of financial resources

3 of our favorite posts from the BMA Management Blog


Blogger Kaye Swain shares her perspectives of caring for parents while babysitting her grandchildren. As a member of the “sandwich” generation, Swain offers information, advice and stories of caregiving to others who are finding themselves dealing with children, grandchildren and aging parents.

3 of our favorite posts from SandwichINK

The Alzheimer’s Reading Room

The Alzheimer’s Reading Room offers practical advice and solutions for caregivers who are dealing with loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.  Founded by Bob DeMarco, who uses first hand experiences for many of his posts, the blog is frequented by guest experts who offer additional insight.

3 of our favorite posts from The Alzheimer’s Reading Room:

Elder Options of Texas

Elder Options of Texas provides information on various topics surrounding elder care.  The goal is to make it easier for caregivers and seniors to find services they need, faster and more efficiently.

3 of our favorite blog posts for Elder Options of Texas:

For Information on Assisted Living and Care Homes:

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