Things to Do With Your Retirement Years

Retirement is what many people spend their entire working lives dreaming about. After decades of the daily grind most people look forward to the idea of some serious time off. We plan for it, we dream about it, we lament about what we will do with all that free time, but for some when the retirement years actually become a reality the boredom and lack of activity really sets in. It can be a true bummer for people who have dreamed, all their lives, of retiring, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are loads of great ways to spend your retirement years having fun and enjoying every moment of it. Here are some great ideas to fill your time during your golden years.

Pick up a new hobby

For many people retirement means that there is loads of free time available. Try filling that free time with an old hobby or find an entirely new one. The hobby doesn’t even have to be a traditional “retiree” hobby like golf or knitting. Pottery classes, racquetball and even art studios often cater to retiree populations with discounted rates and early afternoon meeting times. Check with a local community center for greatly discounted or free hobby programs.

Join a senior group

Many communities have senior citizen groups that offer a slew of great activities with the added bonus of socialization. Many of these groups meet multiple times a week and offer a space to socialize, eat lunch and they even plan great trips. Casino trips, beach trips and other fun day outings are offered to these groups at a discounted rate. Joining usually is free or requires a minimal donation to keep the group running. Call your local community center to get information about the groups and when and where they congregate.

Take the vacation of your dreams

Without the worry of vacation time, children’s school schedules and the waiting work upon returning you can plan your true dream vacation and enjoy every moment of it. Whether you want to drive across America or take a jaunt through Europe or Asia your retirement years are the perfect time to do it. Sit down and think about where you have always wanted to visit and begin planning an itinerary around it. You can even find reduced rates and tour guide accommodations through most trip planning websites.


A lot of retirees find that they have too much time to fill during the day. While getting a part-time job seems like a good idea a better option for retirees is to volunteer. Volunteering doesn’t tie you down to a schedule and you can choose when and where you wish to share your knowledge, wisdom and time. Pick a cause of a charity you are passionate about and do some research on them. You can even call your local chapter to see how and where your time could best be utilized. Retirees offer charities and non-profits a unique set of traits and skills and most are truly thrilled to accommodate the desire to volunteer.

Continue your education

Sure, it sounds like a strange idea to many retirees but continuing your education can be a great way to fill your time and treat yourself to the gift of knowledge. Many community colleges offer discounted rates for senior citizens. Some even allow you to audit a class for free; basically take the class without receiving a grade. Pick a topic that is of interest to you and spend some time really learning about it. You could even check out language programs if the idea of learning a foreign language has always interested you. Many programs offer classes for beginners that immerse the learner in the new language. Check with your local community college to get information about courses and how to go about attending them.

Now that you are armed with some great time fillers go ahead and get started. Pick one or two ideas that interest you and really explore the options available to you in your area or within your price range. While many believe you have to be a millionaire to enjoy your retirement years to the fullest that is truly not the case. So many wonderful communities truly appreciate their retiree population and work hard to offer free or cheap entertainment options to that demographic. Go ahead, take advantage of it and enjoy the fruits of your labor.