Top 5 Ways for Seniors to Stay Active…Even During the Winter!

Exercising regularly has important benefits for seniors, but when the winter comes, many resort to sitting on the couch and watching TV for lack of something else to do. Just because the temperatures have dropped, doesn’t mean your activity level has to! Here are some great ways to stay active during the winter season, without sacrificing your safety

1. Change your attitude toward winter

You can’t avoid winter cold and weather, unless you’re living in the tropics. Many people tend to hate the season because of the amount of time they’re forced to spend indoors, due to cold, inclement weather or snow. If wintery weather or storms are predicted, make a plan to be productive indoors, and don’t waste time complaining about it!

2. Enjoy the wintry outdoors

If you’re a particularly active senior, you may not like the idea of being forced indoors for your workout. Guess what? You’re not! Dress warmly, and engage in a snowball fight with the grand kids! You may not be breaking a sweat, but it’s a great cardio workout and you’ll forget you’re doing something healthy through all the fun you’re having!

3. Spend an hour in the sauna

If you are unable to do strenuous activities due to joint pain, or any number of health problems, a sauna (or even a portable sauna) could be a great cure to the cold weather blues! Amongst frigid temperatures outside, the warm comforting air of a sauna will help relax you, and it will allow you to sweat off a few pounds as well… without doing anything! Seniors should take care, however, and consult their doctors before spending extended periods of time in the sauna.

4. Recognize the awesome possibilities with a home workout

Working out at home is easier than you think! If you have a treadmill or elliptical at home, working out inside is simple. For those of you without home gym equipment, however, there are many available DVD’s and Blue-Ray Discs out there that have home workout instructions. Many of these workouts use only your body, or common items in your home, so anyone can do it without spending money on pricey equipment. You can tailor your workout to your preferred level of activity, which is great for seniors, who range from very active, to frail and unable to perform complex and strenuous workouts.

5. Have a health-focused mindset

Most importantly, eat and sleep well, and stay hydrated. Being well nourished and rested provides a great start to a healthy, active body.

No matter what you decide to do, it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra precaution: check with your doctor before implementing a new workout routine, and use a medical alert system so that help is always a press of a button away in the event of a fall or other accident.

These are easy to use alert buttons that you can wear as a pendant or bracelet, and can be pressed to call a team of emergency responders through a base unit installed in the home. It is an inexpensive way to ensure that your workout doesn’t carry the risk of putting you in an emergency situation. By all means stay active with some winter activity, but do not sacrifice your safety.

For More Information on medical alert systems and how they can help you stay active and safe, visit:

  • I would add (re)discover dancing. It is a great social activity and a fun way to keep moving.

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