Assisted Living Jobs and Employment Opportunities for Senior Care Professionals


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Overview of Jobs in Assisted Living and Careers in Senior Care

Assisted living and senior care provide many job opportunities for those who love to work with the elderly. Their salaries range from a few thousand to over a hundred thousand a year. Some of those jobs are described below.

Assisted Living Coordinators

This job calls for considerable leadership skills. An assisted living coordinator has the task of overseeing the care that is received by those who live in the facility. He supervises the preparation of meals and the dispersal of medications to those who need them. A person who wants this job needs to have at least one year of experience in hiring, recruiting, time management and other aspects of supervising, as well as computer skills. He also needs to be competent in organizing and to be able to answer any questions that he might be given regarding the facility and its operations. A background in health care is often a plus. Personal characteristics include good judgment, an ability to make sound decisions and above all, compassion and caring.

Care Manager

The responsibilities of a care manager are considerably less than those of an assisted living coordinator. This worker helps the residents with their personal needs, such as grooming and hygiene. He also does the laundry, leads group activities, recommends alterations in living conditions if necessary and helps with the dining services. If social outings are conducted, the care manager goes along to ensure everybody’s safety. Some states require the candidate for the job to have at least a high school diploma. Those who have prior experience working with the elderly or in health care are often preferred. Care managers also have to be good at working as part of a team.

Life Enrichment Manager

A life enrichment manager helps to ensure the quality of life for each resident of the facility based on his past preferences and abilities. It is his responsibility to maintain an inventory of the supplies needed for the purpose. An ability to motivate, handle more than one priority, make responsible choices and work without direct supervision are among the requirements for the position.

Senior Homes Housekeeper

The housekeeper does all the cleaning and maintenance work required by the facility. He takes care of the laundry and bedclothes, gathering them together, getting them cleaned and distributing them back to their owners. He also takes out the garbage, does the vacuuming and—if requested—helps with the other employees mentioned above.

Outlook for Careers in Assisted Living and Senior Care

The job outlook for the assisted living work is a mixed one. Jobs like the ones described above are in demand, but nursing homes are making cuts, reducing the number of openings available in some positions.