How Will the Presidential Election Impact Senior Citizens? Assisted Living Today Breaks Down the Facts with New Infographic

Elder care Web publisher releases infographic that examines the hot button presidential election issues and how they will affect senior citizens and Baby Boomers  

Assisted Living Today, a provider of free senior living and elder care information, today published the infographic “How the 2012 Election Will Affect Seniors.” You can view the full infographic here: How the 2012 Presidential Election Affects Senior Citizens

The 2012 presidential election will have a significant impact on senior citizens, the elderly and Baby Boomers in terms of healthcare and other government programs that enable them to maintain an independent, healthy lifestyle. To help seniors better understand their options, Assisted Living Today created an infographic to convey essential, need-to-know facts; debunk myths; and break down the candidates stances on important issues that will directly affect seniors’ personal lifestyles.

“Senior citizens are a top priority for us, and this presidential election will have a significant impact on the elderly population,” says Ken Lyons, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Assisted Living Today. “Trouble is, there’s so much information (and misinformation) out there on President Obama and Mitt Romney stances the issues that matter to seniors that it an be confusing and frustrating to make sense of it all. So we felt compelled to provide an easy-to-decipher, handy guide to all the pertinent facts to give seniors a better idea of who they should be voting for this election.”

Some of the hot button topics examined in the infographic include:

  • Pros and cons to the Republicans’ proposed changes to the current Medicare system
  • What the tax burden will be on low-income senior citizens with Mitt Romney’s proposed revisions to Medicare
  • Whether or not the Democratic plan will actually reduce or increase out-of-pocket Medicare costs for seniors
  • What the real price tag is for Obamacare, and if it will put additional strain on the federal deficit

So who should seniors be voting for in this upcoming presidential election?

“With the research and analysis of all the facts presented in our infographic, we paint a pretty clear picture of who is the best candidate for senior citizens,” says Lyons. “I’m not going to tell you which candidate we selected, though. You’ll need to check out the infographic yourself to find out.”

To see the entire “How the 2012 Election Will Affect Seniors” infographic from Assisted Living Today, go to:

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