12 Daily Living Aids That Make Life Easier

As we get older, small annoyances in our daily life start to get more difficult. It can be harder to grip things, and vision and hearing may deteriorate. Fortunately, there are plenty of products and inventions that can be conveniently used as daily living aids, that can help make your life much easier.

Reachers With Magnetic Tips
If you have a hard time reaching things overhead, either because you’re short or because of pain in your joints, a smart, simple way to make this part of your life easier is by using a reacher with a magnetic tip, such as an Ez2care Alumium 30 Inch Reacher with Magnetic Tip and Ergo Handle.

This type of reacher makes life a lot easier because you can use it to pull things towards you that you are having trouble reaching. Simply grab items by squeezing the reacher’s trigger. The magnetic tips make it easier for objects to adhere to the reacher once you grab them.

Oversized Clocks
People who have vision problems as well as people who have memory and concentration issues might enjoy oversized wall clocks. These large clocks fit across an entire wall and they give both the time and the date using large numbers. These clocks work well in conjunction with a large wall calendar, as seeing the date can help you recall what appointments you have scheduled for that date.

Pill Crushers and Organizers
If you have to take a lot of different medications, you might want to take advantage of many of the pill organizers that are on the market, such as a Fit & Healthy 7 Day Am/pm Pill Organizer. Organizers allow you to place the pills you need each day into different compartments so that you take your medications at the right time. If you have trouble swallowing pills, a pill crusher can help your pulverize them so that you can put them into liquid and drink them. Check with your doctor before crushing pills to make sure doing so won’t interfere with the pills’ effectiveness.

Sound Conditioners
If you are a light sleeper or have trouble getting to sleep, you may want to consider using a white noise machine or other sound conditioners. These machines block out background noise and provide a soft, steady noise that helps you relax and fall asleep.

Pocket Magnifiers
Do you have trouble reading small text? If you forget your glasses when going out to eat or menu text is too small for you to read even with your glasses on, try carrying around a pocket magnifier. This type of magnifying glass is indistinguishable from a cell phone, so you should be able to use it discreetly.

Bracelet Openers
The tiny clasps on bracelets are hard to open and close, especially if your hands shake or you have arthritis. A great way to make your life easier is by using a bracelet opener, such as an Aids for Arthritis Bracelet Opener, to grab that clasp and hold it open so that you can close the bracelet properly. You can also use the opener to help release the clasp when you are ready to put the bracelet away.

Adjustable Bed Rails
Whether you have a small child who has just graduated from the crib to a bed or you are an older adult who has trouble with coordination and balance, adjustable bed rails can help tremendously. Attach the rails to the bed and raise or lower them to the height you want so that you can sleep comfortably without fear of falling out of bed.

Sock Aids
If you can’t reach down to pull up your socks because of arthritis or other health issues, try a sock aid. Sock aids come with handles so that you can control where the aid is going; the aid itself can then be directed to grab socks, put them on your feet and pull them up.

Amplified Phones
If you have a hard time hearing while on the phone, consider getting an amplified phone. Amplified phones make the sound louder so that you can more easily hear the person on the other end. These phones are indistinguishable from regular landlines.

Hair Dryer Stand
If you have a hard time holding your hair dryer to dry your hair, try a hair dryer stand. You can mount almost any hair dryer onto a stand, which you then place on your sink or countertop. This frees you to style your hair while drying it.

Personal Sound Amplifiers
Rather than wearing a hearing aid, you can get an amplifier that looks just like a Bluetooth headset. It is less obvious that you are using a hearing aid, and you will be able to hear better.

Personal Alarm Clocks
If you have a hard time waking up to a standard alarm clock, see if waking up to the sound of your own voice is any easier. You can record up to six personal messages on these alarm clocks. You may also want to consider using this type of alarm clock to remind you to go to appointments or take out the trash.

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