4 Wheel Rolling Walker with Shopping Basket, Padded Seat Review

Ease of use is often one of the most important characteristics of any tool. But, it’s even more important when mobility is compromised. With the 4 Wheel Rolling Walker with Shopping Basket, Padded Seat by American Bantax, users not only get a durable and reliable walker, but get one that is easy to use and transport.

Weighing just 11 pounds, this walker is easy to lift when going up and down stairs and when getting in and out of the car. Additionally, it is easy to fold and its compact size allows it to fit nicely even in smaller cars.

Rated up to 250 pounds, the 4 Wheel Rolling Walker by America Bantax is durable and stable for both adults and junior users. The seat height adjusts from 18-23 inches and can be done without the need for tools. In addition, the 14 inch seat with 19 inches of sitting room between the bars provides ample room for comfortable sitting. As one user explained, she didn’t have to worry about “wearing it” when she stood up.

The under-the-seat basket allows users to carry their necessities with them. This is the perfect place for a ladies’ purse or a small shopping bag. With this basket there is no need to compromise safety and balance when carrying small items.

In addition, the padded back rest allows users to rest in comfort when needed.

The 6 inch casters on the 4 Wheel Rolling Walker allows users to use this easily indoors and out. Dual handbrakes are included but need to be manually locked when seated. Some users requested a foot break be added for ease of locking the wheels while sitting.

There is some discrepancies on the adjustable height, according to user reviews. The specifications of the 4 Wheel Rolling Walker say the handlebars adjust to the lowest height of 28 inches, but users report only being able to lower the handle bars to 32 inches, making this too tall for some users.

With all of its features, this walker is a steal for the cost at just over $80 and can be purchased from a variety of retailers including the lowest price at Amazon.com.

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