Aluminum Rollator with 8” Casters Review

Going to church, out to restaurants or just for rides in the country often times becomes difficult with limited mobility. Walkers and scooters can be difficult to transport, leaving seniors with balance impairments sacrificing their safety to enjoy afternoon out on the town.

Weighing around 19 pounds, the Aluminum Rollator with 8” Casters provides safety, stability and independence while making it easy for the user to transport it without much assistance. (*Note: Amazon lists this product as only weighing 5.4 pounds; however the manufacturer’s specifications rate it at 15 pounds.)

With a small seat, this walker gives users the convenience to rest comfortably when needed. A small pouch located below the seat is perfect for small belongings such as keys, cell phones or other personal necessities.

The 8” casters allow this walker to navigate indoors and out and easily navigate maneuvers through grass and gravel. It’s an ideal walker for those with shag carpet which sometimes proves to be difficult with standard walkers or those with smaller wheels.

Since the Aluminum Rollator with 8” Casters has adjustable handlebars, it allows users to walk up-right and not hunched over, creating a more suitable position for seniors, especially those with back problems. Several users who were under 5’5” had difficulty with the height, claiming the walker could not be adjusted to a small enough height for them. One even said his wife’s feet dangled unsafely while using the seat.

Several users also had trouble with the brakes working correctly, but the Rollator does come with a limited lifetime warranty on the brake cables.  The brakes, however, are reported to be easy to use and generally engage well.

Interested in Ordering the Aluminum Rollator?

The Aluminum Rollator with 8” Casters is available through a variety of retailers but can be purchased through for under $85.

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