Announcing the “Baby Boomer Blues: Which Pills are You Popping” Infographic

We’ve just released our latest infographic: “Baby Boomers Blues: What Pills are You Popping?” The infographic takes a look at some of the most common health issues  senior citizens and Baby Boomers deal with on a daily basis (from Hypertension to Erectile Disfunction) and the specific medications they use to help deal with and ease the ill effects of those health problems.

The infographic also looks at the growing abuse of prescription medications and illegal drugs among seniors, which is currently said to affect nearly 2.8 million seniors and that number is expected to double to almost 6 million seniors by 2020.

Here’s a sneak peak at the infographic:

which pills and illegal drugs are baby boomers on?

To see the entire infographic, go to: Baby Boomer Blues: Which Pills are You Popping Infographic

We encourage you to share the infographic with others and you can also add it to your own website with the handy code embed at the end of the graphic.

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