Assisted Living Today Weekly Roundup

We’re two weeks into the New Year–have you been sticking with your resolutions? According to StatisticBrain, nearly half of all Americans (45%) make resolutions and only about 8% successfully live those resolutions. But just two weeks in, about 71% are still working at them! You can do it!

Here at Assisted Living Today, we resolve to scour the web for relevant news headlines, tips and trends to share them here with you. If you’ve come across any interesting news in the past week, feel free to share!

Photo credit: Australian Labradoodle Club

Weird But True

If you saw a lion walking down the street, would you call 9-1-1? That’s what one Virginia man did after seeing a bushy-maned creature strolling the streets. Not a lion, though, it was just a Labradoodle named Charles The Monarch, shaved to resemble Big Blue, the mascot of Old Dominion University. See pictures of this cutie on Huff Post Weird News!

Senior Lifestyles

Hurricane Sandy revealed many things to the people living on the East coast, including the “uncomfortable truth” to one resident who found herself seeking assisted living after her Long Island waterfront condominium was destroyed. The storm has changed the direction of many lives. AARP reports on how extreme weather plays a part in seniors’ decisions to make the move.

Senior Health

The Centers for Disease Control are reporting that the flu virus is picking up steam, reporting widespread influenza activity in 41 states. CNN reports on the impact state-by-state with a color-coded graphing to give readers a good idea of where the virus seems to be at its worst.

Senior Living

According to the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, rates are going to change for seniors based on gender. The industry is reported to have gathered enough data that shows that women have a far greater chance of using their coverage and sex-distinct pricing, they say, makes logical sense. Read more from their news release.

Trends in Technology

What makes the face of your smartphone, tablet or laptop so strong? It’s Gorilla Glass, installed on over 1 billion devices each year. For those of us who occasionally drop, sit on or otherwise beat up our devices, Gorilla Glass is designed to be increasingly damage resistant. Check out a live demonstration on the latest version of Gorilla Glass version 3, or GG3, as the techies call it on CNET.

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