Assisted Living Today Weekly Roundup

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It’s been a long and difficult week to be reading news headlines, which makes it impossible to go on without acknowledging our friends in Newtown, CT. All the love, strength and peace in our hearts goes to you. May you find it in the days to come. Wishing all of our readers a humble and joyful holiday season. Reach out and hug the ones you love.

Here at Assisted Living Today, we’ve been quietly browsing the blog posts, headlines and noteworthy trends happening in the world of senior living. We hope you are enlightened, or at least entertained, and please let us know of any relevant news you’ve encountered in the past week.

Weird But True

“Old school” bakers wanted! Eschew technology and modern trends in favor of hand-rolling dough at a bakery in Providence, Rhode Island, where they’re having trouble filling positions. The nearly 100-year-old bakery is hoping to find that perfect employee–perhaps someone a little older?–who likes doing things the traditional way. Never mind the want ads, read The Huffington Post’s report on the Scialo Bakery!

Senior Lifestyles

What’s your impression of aging? Do you approach the years with a positive attitude, or mark each birthday as another year gone? Senior Homes blog covers some new research that explains why some age well while others falter.

Senior Health

The America Psychiatric Association is printing a fifth edition of the Diagnosis and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in May 2013. Within those pages, they are planning to discontinue use of the term dementia in favor of the broader classifications of minor and major neurocognitive disorders, citing a stigma with the term “dementia.” Do you believe it’s possible–and a good idea–to remove a word from daily use? An article in Aging Well discusses the pros and cons and may help you form an opinion about the change.

Senior Living

Planning to downsize in your retirement? Many people consider trading in their larger houses and decades’ worth of possessions in for smaller quarters and fewer things once the kids move out or they become widowed. An article in the Wall Street Journal cautions that the swap is not for everyone, and to consider carefully what will or won’t suit your needs.

Trends in Technology

Could your next prescription be an app? Doctors taking note of the increasing number of smartphones walking into their offices have been searching for good downloadable applications to help their patients–specifically apps that help them track medications, weight and cholesterol. Read why your smartphone may become an essential tool in health management in American Medical News.

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