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The Holiday Season is in full swing.  This week marked the beginning of the Hanukkah celebration with the first three candles having been lit and the fourth to be lit on Friday night.  Christmas is just a few days away and last minute shoppers are still searching for that perfect gift.  Regardless of your faith or your reason for celebrating, the holiday season is about making new memories with those that are closest to you.

So, we at Assisted Living Today would like to extend a very sincere “Happy Holidays.” May your season and your hearts be filled with love and warmth.

While you’re waiting on visits with friends and family over the next few days check out our weekly review of some of the best and most interesting tidbits from around the web!

Health News:

The CDC recently released a list of the four types of meds that send senior citizens to the hospital emergency department most often. They include two types of blood medications and two types of diabetes meds. Check out the Alzheimer’s Reading Room examination of the report to see if you’re at risk and now how to prevent a trip to the ER.

In other health related news, Congress passed its 2012 budget which included a $300 million increase in research funding for the National Institute of Health. The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network also noted that funding for cancer protection at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention was also protected.

Weird but True:

A security company is promoting its Hidden Camera for use in nursing home to record activity of staff to better ensure their loved ones are safe.  The cameras can be disguised as various household objects like picture frames and alarm clocks and recording devices can be made to look like watches or necklaces. This may be a good idea to some, but does it compromise privacy for others?

Holiday Tips and Tricks:
Are you wondering how you’ll connect with the younger generation this holiday season. offers great Tips to Engage Grandchildren. Break through the cell phone barriers and make this a holiday to remember.

While visiting with your loved ones over the holidays, be sure to take a moment and examine how they are doing living independently.  SeniorHomes puts together a great list of tips to help you recognize if your loved one may need a little more assistance.

Tech Savvy Seniors
New reports show the Baby Boomer women are buying tablets at a rate than the general population. In fact, they are more than five times more likely to already own or want a tablet computer like an iPad. Find out why at Baby Boomer Examiner. Looking for info on senior-friendly tablets? See our recommendations for the best tablet for seniors.

Games like Wii and Xbox Kinnect aren’t just for kids. Studies are continuing to show that seniors benefit from the low impact “exergames.” In one study it found the games improved mobility, dexterity, coordination and provided a distraction from pain in nursing home residents.  Check out CNN Health’s report for additional information.

Senior Living

Despite the fact that the divorce rate across the country is beginning to decline, the rate of divorce among people over the age of 50 is doubling. The phenomenon has even gotten a name of its own: Grey Divorce. Check the Huffington Post’s take on this new “rite of passage.”

Forty-six years ago you would find Ray Nauruth tending bar at the The Gold Slipper in Dunlap, Iowa. Today, at 100 years of age, you’ll still find him there.  Check out Ray’s story and secrets to a long and successful life on



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