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December is officially upon us.  The countdown has begun and the shops and malls are bustling.  Most of us have finally recovered from the Turkey Coma and Black Friday madness.  At Assisted Living Today are dedicated to bringing you some of the most up-to-day info in senior news, so check back often to see the latest.

Here’s a quick run-down of some newsworthy and interesting bits from around the web over the past week! We hope you enjoy and please feel free to let us know if you came across anything noteworthy or interesting this week.

Senior Health News:

Thursday, December 1st was World AIDS Day, a day to remember and raise awareness of the world’s plight against AIDS.  It’s estimated that 27% of people with AIDS are 50 and over.  Check out Diane J. Standiford’s  Retired in Seattle Viewpointe blog for advice to senior’s to help prevent the spread of this horrible disease. You can also see a great pictorial on World AIDS Day and the effect of AIDS on senior citizens TimeLightbox.

In other health related news, the FDA just announced the approval of generic Lipitor, the cholesterol lowering drug that has raked in over $14 billion since 1996 and costs an average of $4 per day for patients.
The introduction of the generic pills will ultimately drop the prices to just pennies per day, making the long-term need for millions of baby boomers and seniors much more affordable. To learn more, check out Shots, NPR’s blog.


Weird but True:

This week, two septuagenarians made the news when a YouTube video surfaced of the two in a heated battle at what was supposed to be a peaceful luncheon.  Instead, Joe Kapp’s and Angelo Mosca’s competitive “spirits” erupted at an alumni luncheon honoring the two former football rivals.

The two became a YouTube sensation when a video of the two sparring went viral earlier this week. You can check out more on the two at SFGate.

Savvy Seniors:

This week, the Grandparents Gone Wired program launched in an effort to teach computer skills to seniors with the assistance of unlikely teachers: children.  Mashable examines the cross-generational campaign designed to enhance communication between the two groups while teaching seniors the ins and outs of social media sites and basic internet usage.   You can learn more about program at Grandparents Gone Wired.

And those new tech savvy seniors, perhaps they will be the same ones who eventually will be utilizing the online matchmaking services geared specifically to those 60 plus.  A recent study examined the way that older men and women are searching for mates online, noting the distinct differences between them and the younger generations.  Get the details at

Senior Lifestyle News:

The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) announced this week it is accepting entries for its annual ALFA Senior Living Art Showcase, an art competition for residents of senior living communities. This year’s theme: carpe diem!   Work can be submitted online at ALFA. More details about the competition are available at MarketWatch

Senior Housing Trends:

It’s not uncommon for amenities to be among the deciding factors when looking for a new home.  Check out’s list of 5 Tech Trends in Senior Housing to see what people are looking for.


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