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Happy Thanksgiving! By now, maybe you’ve loosened your belt buckle or switched to the elastic waistbands. We hope you all had reasons to give thanks, friends or family around the table and a hearty Thanksgiving meal to enjoy.

Here at Assisted Living Today, we’ve come out of our tryptophan coma to search the web for interesting and tasty bites that don’t add calories! We hope you enjoy, and please let us know of any interesting, relevant news you’ve encountered in the past week.

Weird but True

Is it really the L-tryptophan that makes people sleepy after eating a full, hearty holiday meal? The experts on Chemistry take a look at what role the amino acid has on inducing the post-feast lethargy so many people feel. Can you blame the turkey for that long Thanksgiving nap?

Senior Lifestyles

Moving soon? If so, your to-do list is long. Make sure you don’t leave your handling of Medicaid off the list. ElderOptions of Texas offers a comprehensive guide on what to do about Medicaid when you move. Not just for residents of Texas!

Senior Health

A study presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) shows that mental activities like reading, writing and playing games can preserve structural integrity in the brains of older people. Maybe not a huge surprise, but worth the reminder. Read and engage your brain at PsychCentral.

Where do you stand on the line between legal and illegal medicinal drugs? Now 18 states across the U.S.have legalized medicinal marijuana. Some say we’re missing out on the vast array of health benefits the plant can offer. Check out this article on AlterNet summarizing the healing power of medicinal marijuana and weigh in if you feel inclined.

Senior Living

An article in CBS Moneywatch summarized why now is a good time to be aging, despite obstacles in the financial system and worries about Medicare and Social Security. Here’s a positive take on growing older in today’s world with a nice reference list for further reading.

Trends in Technology

What’s the next exploding trend? Joseph Prentiss, President of Yankee Electrical Co. in Shrewsbury, Ma., says smart technology is the rage with his company. As more boomers get smartphones and tablets, they’re taking it further to turn their homes into smart homes–controlling heat, garage doors, electronics and more. Read about it on Looking for ideas for senior-friendly tablets? See our in-depth report on the best tablet for seniors.

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