Assisted Living Today’s Weekly Roundup

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It’s a season for random acts of kindness, reflecting on the year gone by and sharing time with our loved ones. Remember to take time from your busy routine to visit your elderly friends and relatives in assisted living and nursing facilities. The best gift you can give is your time and attention.

And while Santa is busy at the North Pole, and here at Assisted Living Today, we’re double-checking our lists for noteworthy news and trends. Enjoy!  And let us know of any interesting, relevant news you’ve encountered in the past week.

Weird But True

Just as President Obama won another four years in office, he was honored by scientists at Yale who named a lizard species after him: Obamadon gracillis, generally meaning “straight toothed and slender.” The only drawback? The lizard is already extinct! Read it and other weird but true stories at this week’s NY Post.

Senior Lifestyles

A study conducted by The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice found that seven out of 10 Americans die from chronic disease and, as Americans live longer and longer, many families have no end of life game plan in place. But having a plan, say health care advocates, not only gives patients and their families greater peace of mind, it can save the healthcare system a lot of money. Read more on MSN.

Senior Health

Go 4 Life, from the National Institute on Aging, has a success story to share–just for fun. Grisel, age 60, stays fit by dancing her heart out. Want an idea on how to rejuvenate your exercise plan? Listen to Grisel and turn up the music!

Age in Place offers a good reminder about the elderly and flu season. Chance are you’ve heard the reminders, heard a report on the evening news or noticed the signs at the pharmacy, but in case you’ve ignored it, it’s flu season! Don’t forget to take heed, and follow the recommendations offered by the CDC.

Senior Living

Sometimes it helps to put a face and tag a voice to the issues that many face quietly every day, like adults taking care of their elderly parents with dementia. David Cassidy, one time teenage heartthrob and still a performer on Broadway, is also the spokesperson for the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America and the Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation. He tours the country talking about his experience caring for his mother who had dementia, reminding people that caregivers are not alone. Read his story.

Trends in Technology

Maybe you’ve heard of Nanotechnology, but how about “nanatechnology?” Check out USA Today’s interactive that highlights where new technology can be placed throughout the house to keep your loved one safe at home. From an online medicine cabinet in your bathroom that links directly to the pharmacy mailbox alerts to let elders know when the mail has arrived, there are all kinds of new gadgets in the works to make homes not only smart, but brilliant.

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