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For many, the holidays bring back memories of waiting for Santa as a child; sitting by the window or fireplace, wondering what treasures he might bring. Do you cherish memories of family gatherings? Did you re-hash celebrations of years past? Eat turkey or cookies or both to excess with friends or family around the table? Visit your synagogue, church or other place of worship? However you spent your holiday, we wish you fond memories and happy tomorrows.

Here at Assisted Living Today, we’ve watched the news headlines, tips and trends jingling around the web, and share them here with you. If you found any relevant or interesting news in the past week, feel free to share!

Weird But True

Visit your parents, or else they’ll sue! Seriously? In China, a new law allows elderly parents to sue their children if they fail to visit. The law doesn’t specify how often “often” is, but gives parents the right to claim neglect. From the Beijing AP, discussed on AARP, read about how the Chinese elderly are getting noticed.

Senior Lifestyles

Financial problems–especially if ignored–can spiral out of control if an elderly person chooses to hide the problems from a caregiver. For caregivers, it’s wise to recognize hints that may point to financial issues in the near future for their loved ones. Read more at

Senior Health

A recent study conducted at the University of Leicester in England found that it’s not necessarily cognitive issues that keep elderly from reading, it could be the type format. The study found that young adults found lines of text easier to read when fine visual detail was present, but seniors found it easier to read more blurred text. The study could help in extending the reading skills of seniors. Read more on

Senior Living

All his life, Norman Shepherd wanted to ride alongside an engineer and fireman in a coal-fired steam engine. His wish came true through Brookdale Senior Living‘s Wish of a Lifetime program, which has granted over 300 wishes for residents of Brookdale Senior Living. The assisted living company partners with Wish of a Lifetime to help remind their residents that life is a journey with fulfillment at every stage. Read more about Norman and other wishes granted.

Trends in Technology

Senior Housing News recaps the most accessed technology of 2012, stating that federally-backed technology has seen a big boost in usage over the past year. Service providers of electronic health and medical records have seen an upswing as hospitals and healthcare providers look to improve patient relationships. Read more about the top technology trends of 2012.



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