Assisted Living Today’s Weekly Roundup

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Children are likely picking out costumes off the racks or, if they’re creative, cutting and gluing masks or assembling costumes from their parent’s closets! Soon the pumpkins sitting around will become jack-o-lanterns with faces carved to elicit smiles or shrieks. It’s a ghoulish time of year.

Here at Assisted Living Today, we’ve scoured the headlines for the latest hair-raising, or at least interest-piquing treats from around the web. We hope you enjoy, and please give us a shout with any interesting or hair-raising news you’ve encountered this week!

Weird but True

Would you have room in your home for 13,000 new items? That’s what a South Florida man had to consider when he inherited 13,000 clown items, ranging from dolls to books to costumes, from his father-in-law and business partner. No question what he’ll be for Halloween! Read about it on Sun Sentinel.

Senior Lifestyles

New proposed voting laws may make it more difficult to vote in the upcoming election. An estimated 18 percent of Americans aged 65 and older lack a state-issued photo ID. Based on census data, that means more than 6 million eligible seniors would be kept from voting. Make sure that’s not you! Read more on

Senior Health

This past week’s first presidential debate certainly stirred up controversy as the race to election day tightens. The Medicare Newsgroup discusses the truths and untruths about what was said regarding Obama’s Affordable Care Act which cuts $716 billion from the program.

In his blog, Dr. McCleary summarized a new study recently release in Neuroscience showing a link between fasting and increased brain function, leading researchers to question the effect of fasting on degenerative diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Senior Living

Retirement brings so many options. Retirement Media gives some suggestions on why renting your retirement home might carry more benefits than buying. If you’re thinking about a new property, read more on

Trends in Technology

Last week, California became the third state to legalize driverless cars, joining Florida and Nevada. What does that mean for seniors? Above all else, it means the chance for lengthened independence. Read more about it on US News & World Report.

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