Assisted Living Today’s Weekly Roundup

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Television airwaves, Facebook statuses, Twitter feeds and online news agencies are heating up with political coverage and opinions as we come closer to election day. No doubt the news will become almost entirely political before too long. In the meantime, there are new developments in health and medicine, technology, and living life as an older adult.

Here at Assisted Living Today, we’ve put together relevant clips, political and otherwise, from things happening around the web. We hope you enjoy, and please let us know of any interesting, relevant news you’ve encountered this week!

Weird but True

What do you do in an emergency? Call 9-1-1, of course! Dispatchers at emergency call centers are saying they are overwhelmed these days. Not because the numbers of emergencies have risen, but because of the “butt dial.” An article in the Huffington Post notes that out of every 100 calls, 40 are accidental, leading to 100 million illegitimate 9-1-1 calls last year.

Senior Lifestyles

The outcome of the presidential election will, of course, effect every American, including seniors. Did you have a chance to watch the Vice President Joe Biden and Paul Ryan square off Thursday night? ABC News covers a few top quotes from the evening debate.

Senior Health

Should you be tested for hepatitis C? The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has urged all Americans born from 1945 through 1965 to get a hepatitis C test, seeing as how baby boomers account for 75 percent of the nearly three million hepatitis C cases in the U.S. Read why on the Richmond-Times Dispatch Savvy Senior blog. summarizes a new study by researches at the University of Toronto and Georgia Institute of Technology suggesting that Alzheimer patients might function better when they’re surrounded by less visual clutter.

Senior Living

What’s important in an assisted living facility? A new National Research Corporation report rates residents’ and their families’ satisfaction with assisted living facilities and indicates what is important for high satisfaction, according to the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA).

Trends in Technology

It’s somewhat curious that one of the biggest trends in technology, E-health for seniors, is not being used by the demographic that could benefit from it most. Read an engaging article in The New York Times about connecting the elderly to the various E-health resources that are widely available today.

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