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It’s the time of year that everything is pumpkin flavored! From coffee and doughnuts to candles and potpourri, the taste and smell of spiced pumpkin is everywhere. Did you know there are more than 700 types of gourds grown in the world? Chances are you’re seeing a variety in harvest decorations at assisted living facilities, adorning people’s doorsteps and in stores.

Assisted Living Today has noted some interesting tips, trends and topics buzzing on the web for older adults. We hope you learn something or just enjoy, and please tell us about any interesting news you’ve heard or read this week!

Weird but True

Bring on the insults! British actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson is speaking out about a “creeping culture of censoriousness” which is limiting people’s free expression and free protest. Britain’s The Telegraph reports on Atkinson’s latest pro-insult campaign for change.

Senior Lifestyles

The Social Security Administration announced this week that Social Security retirement benefits will go up 1.7 percent for 62 million Americans, but it may not be enough to offset rising premiums for Medicare. Will the increase help you? Yahoo News reports.

Senior Health

Don’t shrug off sleep apnea! A new study has shown how sleep apnea can lead to other health issues down the road, especially in women. DementiaToday covers how sleep apnea in older women has been linked to dementia.

Senior Living

The earliest uses of pet therapy were documented in the 1860s, and connection between people and animals in regards to improved health are still being studied and hailed today. talks about how to bring pet therapy into your life, or the lives of those who could benefit from it.

Trends in Technology

What effects more than 2.5 million people and fetches a good $10 billion each year in healthcare costs? Bedsores! Newly developed “Smart-e-pants” electric underwear help prevent bedsores through electric shock. How does it work? Read about it on abc News.


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