Assisted Living Today’s Weekly Roundup

It seems all eyes were pointed East, as the nation watched Superstorm Sandy bear down on the Eastern coast. In its wake, millions without power, tremendous loss of property, loss of life and rescues up and down the coast. Naturally, the web was abuzz with storm coverage.

Photo credit: NASA handout satellite image taken on October 29, 2012

Many of the stories in our Weekly Roundup are storm-related, with some great information about creating preparedness plans and helping those affected. If you have news to share, let us know!

Senior Lifestyles

The worry and destruction that Hurricane Sandy brought reminds us all of the need for emergency plans, especially for the elderly. Read about how a New Jersey woman who has Alzheimer’s refused to evacuate, and how difficulties arise keeping older patients safe on NBC News.

Also offering information on creating an emergency plan for caregivers and the elderly, hosted a dementia care expert on their weekly podcast, Your Caregiving Journey, to talk about specific actions to towards emergency preparedness.

Senior Health

During this presidential campaign, Mitt Romney has called for repeal of the 2010 health law while President Barack Obama has vowed to implement it. AARP outlines how health laws for seniors might change depending on who is elected president. Read a clear, complete and objective look at possible changes based on interviews with health policy experts.

The National Council on Aging reported on Twitter this week that Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) income limits have been updated. Check their SNAP Map for your state’s new limits. Assisted Living Today recently reported about senior food insecurity issues and the importance for balanced nutrition. Find it on our blog if you missed it.

Senior Living

The Huffington Post reports on the nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Rockaway Beach that were told not to evacuate before Hurricane Sandy. Happily, there were no nursing home deaths or injuries attributed to the storm, but decisions by officials are sure to spark debate.

In response to the great need post-hurricane, Goodwill has mobilized to help, listing local Goodwill locations plus a comprehensive list of charities that are helping storm victims. Find help, or lend help, depending on your situation.

Trends in Technology

Are you ready to order via tablet on your next outing to your favorite steakhouse? Studies are showing more restaurants are offering technology options to their customers, including table-side touch-screen options for ordering and payment, mobile rewards plans and table-side technology charging stations. Will it affect you? Read about it on Nation’s Restaurant News.

Weird but True

All around the country, people are worried about property values due to the up and down market. In a Clearwater, Fl, neighborhood, however, neighbors are blaming their decreasing values on a foreclosed mansion because of the new residents: a pack of wolves! Read this and more strangely true stories in this week’s NY Post.

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