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Labor Day has come and gone, signifying the unofficial end to summer. Many of us enjoyed the extended weekend with picnics surrounded by family and friends as we say goodbye to the sweltering heat and begin anticipating the cooler days of September. Football season is full force and the political arena is heating up.

We at Assisted Living Today have put together some of the best and most interesting bits from around the web, some will warm your hearts, others with just make you think a bit. We hope you enjoy and please let us know if you have come across anything interesting or noteworthy this week!

Weird but True 

A Scottish fisherman found the world’s oldest recorded message in a bottle when it was trapped within his nets. Penned in 1914, this message was simply a study on currents and was released by Captain C. Hunter Brown. The reward for finding such a treasure: The note promises a sixpence, which are no longer in circulation. Read more about the 98-year-old message in a bottle at The Atlantic.

Senior Lifestyles

The CDC is recommending that all Baby Boomers be tested for Hepatitis C. New studies are revealing that 1 in 30 boomers born between 1945 and 1965 could be infected with the virus. Nearly 75 percent of Hepatitis C infection and deaths occur in baby boomers. To read more about Hepatitis C check out WebMD Health News.

Senior Health

Have you found yourself in the throes of addiction…to running marathons that is? If you are, there is no need to worry. According to a new study by the University of Manitoba, marathon running for aging baby boomers shows no increased risk for healthy seniors. Check out more at

Did you know that nearly an estimated 2-5 million seniors will be abused this year? Is your loved one at risk? Do you know what red flags to look for and how to report abuse if you’re suspicious? Check out Assisted Living Today to learn more.

Senior Living

Boomers looking to move to the country to enjoy their golden years may find it harder to find a qualified doctor to monitor their changing health needs. Cuts to Medicare reimbursement have many doctors limiting the number of Medicare patients they accept, making it difficult for new residents to find a doctor who accepts the government plan and its supplement. To learn more, check out the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s story on rural docs.

According to recent reports, it looks like Medicare will eventually pay nursing homes based upon the quality of care received by residents instead of based upon costs and resources needed. The logistics of such a change are still being worked out but you can learn more at Senior Housing News.

Trends in Technology

Magic carpets aren’t just for Disney anymore. Researchers in the U.K. have developed a carpet that can sense movement patterns, helping to detect falls and periods of non-use. The carpet-technology is expected to be tested in hospitals and care homes but could make their way into consumer homes. To learn more about the latest magic carpet, check read the story at the BBC.

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